How to get a Birth Certificate in UAE via WhatsApp?

17th October 2021 is an important day in the UAE government’s adoption of smart IT practices. During the GITEX Technology week 2021, the announcement came directly from the Head of the IT Department of the Ministry of Health and Prevention. The Ministry officials were showcasing different smart services at the global forum. Mr. Samir Al Khoury, Head of IT, MoHAP, informed the press and public that henceforth, citizens and residents of the UAE could get the birth certificate using Facebook’s WhatsApp service. The issuance of the birth certificate via Whatsapp is in line with the Ministry’s efforts to offer citizens an enhanced customer experience with greater agility. It would help save time and endeavors of the commoner, Mr. Khoury highlighted during the announcement.

How to get a birth certificate in UAE via WhatsApp?

While the formal notification about the procedure is still awaited, the Ministry has given the following information:

  • A virtual assistant (VA) aided with AI technology will understand customer requirements and queries.
  • The VA will identify registered users, retrieve stored data and seek further information. Obtaining data and validation will be the job of the VA.
  • It would be an interactive process wherein customers can enquire, and the VA will respond relevantly.

For UAE Nationals

As per the UAE Government/ Mabrouk Ma Yak, all other necessary pre-requisites for obtaining the birth certificate must be fulfilled. These include:

  • For UAE nationals, the certification must be applied for within three months of birth.
  • The application has to be from the father.
  • The wife’s name should be added to the family book.
  • According to the legislation, both the father and the mother must be lawfully married.
  • The father should be registered on UAE Pass.
  • The birth of the baby should be in one of the government-approved hospitals covered under Mabrouk Ma Yak.
  • Along with the application, a photocopy of the Family book, marriage certificate, and valid Emirate IDs of parents need to be submitted.

Steps to get the birth certificate issued in UAE

  1. Register with UAE Pass
  2. An SMS with the link to complete the procedure online will be sent to the parents.
  3. Login to the UAE Government’s official website for the service.
  4. The infant’s name and picture need to be uploaded.
  5. The fees need to be paid online.
  6. The parents need to visit then the office of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner’s Affairs. Here they need to show the original Family Book on a given date.

After the application requirements are completed, the parents are sent the baby’s birth certificate and other identifying documents by postal mail. Now, with the new announcement, the parents can directly obtain the birth certificate on their WhatsApp. Thus, by digitalization, postal delays and human errors in the delivery process can be avoided. Additionally, the certificate can be downloaded and the soft copy saved for future use. If the certificate is lost or stolen in the future, parents will save time running back and forth to reissue it.

For Foreign nationals

Residents of UAE

  • Parents need to apply for the birth certificate within thirty days of the baby’s birth.
  • They need to submit the hospital birth notification and discharge summary in original.
  • Along with this, parents need to submit their passports or UAE IDs in the original.
  • The original attested marriage certificate also needs to be submitted. It should be in Arabic.

Non-resident of UAE

  • The parents need to submit their marriage contract.
  • The wife has to submit a declaration about the continuity of the marriage.
  • The husband’s passport copy or a letter from the Embassy.

In the conventional model, the parents can apply for the birth certificate online at the MoHAP website. Else, they can get the certificate issued from dedicated counters at public hospitals in the UAE. Either way, the process takes time, and the parents need to visit the official centers several times. However, with the WhatsApp facility now, parents can obtain the certificate after completing the online application and submission process within the stipulated time.

Overall, obtaining a birth certificate via WhatsApp can save the parents time and energy. If you need more details about birth certificate issuance and related UAE laws, it is best to speak with legal experts.

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