Consumer Protection Laws UAE

Consumer Protection Laws UAE
Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights, Consumer Protection Laws UAE

Do you know that your resident country gives you the consumer protection?

A consumer is a person who buys goods for his or her personal use. We all buy goods and avail services, but how many of us are aware that there is legal protection available to each and every goods that we purchase and services we avail.

Buy more on shopping and question if you couldn’t tally your goods and its purchase price.

There is an authority works under Department of Economic Development called CCCP, (The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection) as per the Federal Law No (24) of 2006.

According to this a consumer got certain responsibilities to take care while he purchases goods like date of manufacturing and expiry, guarantees and warranties etc. Also he should keep the purchase receipts with him.

CCCP ensures consumer protection and Fair Trade. It aids the public in giving away information about goods and guides them on their rights and responsibilities. It helps in investigating complaints and adjudicates accordingly.

The authority ensures campaigns to educate public on their consumer rights. It provides guidelines to retailers as well. In an overwhelming trade market like UAE, the Government feels it as their duty to propagate on the legal scrutiny on the sales happening in the country.

Consumer Protection Laws UAE takes care of each consumer in the country. If you face any challenge, we are just a call away.

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