eCommerce Laws in the UAE


E-commerce Laws: Best Practices for Online Businesses The rapid development of e-commerce has transformed how businesses operate, and consumers shop globally, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is no exception. With its robust digital infrastructure and tech-savvy population, the UAE has become a thriving hub for online businesses. However, as with any flourishing industry, specific […]

UAE Introduces 9% Corporate Tax for Companies

Corporate Tax UAE

In January 2022, the United Arab Emirates Government announced the introduction of the UAE Corporate Tax or the UAE CT. The Ministry of Finance published the Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022, revealing the details and the legislative framework of the corporate tax. Continue reading below to know all the relevant details of the new […]

How to Get Marriage Certificate Attested in Dubai

A marriage certificate is an essential requirement for all marriages in UAE. Whether you are an expat or national, it is necessary that you register your marriage and get the certificate attested. Attestation of the marriage certificate is a mandatory legal requirement in UAE to make it authentic and valued as legal. Expats getting married […]

Termination During Probation Period in UAE

Termination During Probation Period in UAE The enactment of the new labour law in 2022 has brought significant changes in a number of rules in the private sector. All employees and employers must know these changes and their responsibilities and rights. Under the Federal Law No. 22 of 2021, which governs labour relationships, it is necessary to […]

Interfaith Marriages in UAE

UAE is well known worldwide for embracing different cultures from across the world. People of all ethnicities and religions live in harmony and aid in the development of a thriving cosmopolitan culture. The UAE’s government is tolerant and charitable toward all religions. Non-Muslim marriages are recognized in Dubai if performed in temples, churches, and gurdwaras […]

E-cigarette smoking in offices and closed spaces in UAE

Smoking e-cigarettes is Prohibited inside offices and closed spaces in the UAE Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Everybody knows it yet ignores it blatantly. A large chunk of people in the UAE smokes. According to a report, the smoking prevalence in the UAE is 24% in men and 0.8% in females. Although it is much lower […]

Dubai Drone Laws

The UAE’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) has imposed restrictions on flying drones and other light aircraft. The new decision came into effect in January 2022. It was directed to all drone owners, practitioners and enthusiasts. Strict new decisions were taken against Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) because of the largescale misuse by drone operators. There were […]

Theft Punishments and Fines UAE

Theft is not an uncommon word, and most of us are already familiar with the term. Theft is generally described as “the act or crime of stealing, where a person takes another’s personal property without their permission or consent with the intent to convert it to the taker’s use.” Theft as a legal term is described under Federal […]

How to Resolve Banking and Financial Disputes in UAE

Banking and financial conflicts may become a roadblock as they can impair both your professional and personal life. Financial scams, disputed money transfers, card loss, unauthorized activities, and unauthorized charges are just a few types of disputes that can be termed banking disputes. As a preliminary step, you must file an official complaint with the bank; […]

Trademark Law in UAE

2021 witnessed the largest legal overhaul, and many important UAE Laws were amended. After the enactment of the new Industrial Property Law, the Federal Decree-Law (36 of 2021) in relation to trademarks, “Trademark Law,” and the Federal Decree-Law (38 of 2021) in relation to Copyright, “Copyright Law” came into effect. The new law replaces the […]

Penalties for Spreading False Information on Social Media in UAE

The UAE legal system welcomed a new set of laws and rules that came into effect on 2nd January 2022. Approved by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President, UAE, the announcement heralds an era that experts believe is aligned with the growing demands of the modernized world. The legislative reforms are in […]

Mediation Law in UAE

The UAE Mediation Law is a groundbreaking law which had been amended in 2021. For the first time in the UAE, a comprehensive regulatory framework for mediation was established. It ensures consistency in the legal framework that applies across all emirates. The statute follows a global trend actively encouraging or requiring civil dispute mediation. What […]

Civil Marriage and Divorce for Non-Muslims in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates of Abu Dhabi announces first of its kind law in UAE for non-Muslims residing in UAE. The law applies to personal status that concerns civil principles, family issues, and inheritance. There are instructions to establish specialized court to hear cases for non-Muslims. Before this law, non-Muslims had to marry in their home country, embassy, or […]

Punishment for Domestic Violence in Dubai

Like financial, social, and racial issues, domestic violence is a global problem that cuts across national lines. Abusive behavior at home is much more deep-rooted than anyone can imagine. It has major consequences on an individual’s well-being, particularly for women. What is domestic violence? Domestic violence (also known as domestic abuse or family violence) is […]

Legal Risks of False Accusations

Filing a fake complaint or claims in the UAE can invite big trouble. Even though authorities in UAE appreciate people coming out reporting crimes or any wrongdoings, the law strictly discourages fake reporting. There are various side effects of fake reporting that waste authority’s resources and time. Moreover, the most dangerous ramification is penalizing an […]

Dubai Pension Fund Law

Dubai ruler and vice president Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued a new law related to Dubai’s Local Military Pensions and Social Security Fund. After the announcement of the voluntary pension savings plan for private-sector employees, this is another big announcement related to pension funds. The new law no. (7) of 2022 is expected […]

UAE Evidence Law

Evidence in a layman’s language means proof. It establishes suitable and appropriate facts through spoken words, exhibits and documents. Evidence can corroborate a fact relevant to the matter under inquiry. What is the Law of Evidence? The rules and legal principles that oversee the proof of facts in a judicial proceeding are called the Law […]

Whistleblower Protection in UAE

UAE witnessed its most significant whistleblower case in 2020, where an ex-partner of Ernst and Young (EY) reported the cover-up of a large-scale money laundering case by a client. The whistleblower was asked to resign by the company to cover up the audit report findings. The incident once again brought the topic of the whistleblower […]

What Do Civil Lawyers Do?

Civil lawyer plays a crucial role in handling cases regulated under civil law. In UAE, civil law is concerned with social liberty and legal transactions that involve two private or public parties. Not all transactions, agreements, or contracts reach their desired destinations. It results in unwelcome legal conflicts between the parties. They need to settle […]

Decriminalization of Bounced Checks in UAE

The United Arab Emirates amended the Commercial Transaction Law in November 2021. The highlight of the amendment was the decriminalization of bounced cheques. The law came into force on 2nd February 2022. It is in line with the government’s strategic plan and initiatives to adopt international practices to build a sustainable economy. On September 27, 2020, […]

Different Types of Criminal Law Cases in UAE

Criminal law is a branch that deals with criminal offenses and their regulations. It regulates various functions such as apprehension charging, the trial of suspected persons, fixes penalties, renders judgment, and set conditions for appealing judgment at upper courts. In UAE, criminal cases are handled by the public prosecution department. Public prosecution is part of […]

Can expats buy property in UAE

The UAE real estate market is an incredible opportunity for investment and capital gains. With a spate of changes in property ownership rules, especially for expats and overseas investors, this industry has opened up further. However, the property ownership rules for foreigners are different from native owners. We present a synopsis of the relevant rules […]

UAE Law Accused and Victim can Settle Criminal Matters Amicably

UAE allows accused and victim to settle criminal matters amicably An out-of-court settlement in criminal cases is a reconciling procedure that provides a faster settlement opportunity to resolve matters amicably. Under the aegis of prosecution, both the victim and the accused can benefit from this provision. This provision was one of the amendments issued through […]

Digital Services for Family Disputes in UAE

The outbreak of Covid-19 has changed the way people work globally. The UAE was the front runner in adopting the latest technologies and methods to ensure the smooth functioning of government departments during this time. UAE courts were the first few departments that initiated video calls, giving way to virtual courts. The complete shutdown of […]

Your Rights if Fired From Work in UAE

UAE is one of the hottest job markets in the world. Hundreds of people come to UAE every year in the hope of making bigger careers. The people-friendly work environment, work-life balance, and handsome pay cheques are the primary reasons for the large expat population. Moreover, carefully formulated labour laws in UAE ensure labour market […]

UAE Law on Hit and Run Cases

Speeding, using mobile phones, and not maintaining a safe distance while driving are some of the major causes of accidents in the UAE. In 2021 Dubai witnessed a slight jump in motor accident death cases compared to 2020. According to authorities, most accidents happen when motorists lose control of the vehicle, leading to deadly collisions. […]

Possession of Dangerous Animals in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is well known for its luxurious lifestyle and fascination for exotic pets. In the UAE, there are people who own animals such as lions, tigers, or chimpanzees. Existing laws in the UAE prohibit the possession of dangerous animals. Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) mentions that you can keep dangerous […]

Criminal Appeals Lawyer UAE

The appeal is an opportunity for convicts to review their case by higher authorities. Both parties request a formal change to the official decision through the appeal. However, in UAE, only the convicted party has the right to appeal. The appellate court provides a process for error correction and clarification on the interpretation of the […]

Marriage for Non Muslims in UAE

The rules and regulations in the UAE are considered some of the most revolutionary and adapting in the Arab world. In November 2021 came the significant shift in UAE’s marriage law, which was earlier based on Islamic Sharia Law. Non-Muslim expats in UAE can get married and registered at the respective embassies or consulates of […]

Fundamental Changes in UAE Labour Law

UAE is continuously striving to adopt the latest HR practices to create a cohesive working environment that benefits both organizations and employees. On 15th November 2021 government announced Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021, which will replace Federal Law No. (8) of 1980. Under the Federal Decree-Law no. 47 of 2021, the new provisions aim […]

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