Everything you need to know about Car Accident in UAE

Car accidents make life complicated and dealing with it is not easy. No one can foresee what to do in such situations. A car accident can occur under various circumstances. Irrespective of the fact whether it is your mistake or other drivers, car accidents always bring discomfort. One must always be prepared to deal with such an unexpected accident and follow the guidelines issued by the RTA (Road Transport Authority) in the UAE.

A 5-step guide for all car drivers and owners in the UAE

What to do when you get involved in a car accident?

  1. Alert the authorities: For emergency accidents dial 999 and for non-emergency car accidents in UAE, you can call 901. You can also contact the authorities via the mobile app.
  2. Secure the vehicle to a safe location: When the car accident is minor, it is essential to move the car to a secured site and clear the traffic. You must also know that motorists who block the traffic face penalties. In case of serious accidents, the unhurt motorist must call the insurance company and arrange a towing service. Turn on the hazard light. (Note: If you see the other driver fleeing the scene take pictures of his/her car)
  3. Receive the Police report: The Police report is the most important document to establish your responsibility in the event of a car accident. Police will inspect the vehicle and issue green and red paper after analyzing the car accident. It is illegal to carry out any repair without a police report.
  4. Notify the Insurance company: Determine all the damages done carefully and inform the insurance provider.
  5. Contact an efficient Car Accident Lawyer: Car accidents are not easy to deal with when they are of serious nature. Other complications that resulted from the crash also cause a lot of physical and mental stress. It becomes all the more difficult to deal with insurance companies. A car accident lawyer in UAE can be your guide and negotiator in the whole situation.

Why you need a Car Accident Claim Lawyer or Personal Injury Lawyer in UAE?

There are many reasons for this, but we are listing the major ones.

  • Good knowledge of UAE law and legal framework of the region.
  • Obtaining necessary pieces of evidence required for the case.
  • Dealing with the hospital and health care providers to obtain documents that can help calculate your compensation.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company and other agencies involved.
  • Collecting, creating, and managing documents.
  • Make sure that you receive the best possible compensation for your claim.
  • Majority of car accident claims are settled out of court. However, if required, a certified advocate can represent you in court.

Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants has a wide network of experienced and certified insurance lawyers all over UAE who satisfies all the above criteria.  They understand the claim procedures and the methods used by the insurance companies for negotiation.  We have been able to secure more than AED 15 million for our clients. We take cases in all situations, even when the individual is in a coma state.

Many people do believe that they can handle a personal injury case related to a car accident on their own. However, dealing with insurance companies and their lawyers is not an easy task. Even when you believe that you do not need a car accident lawyer in UAE, we suggest you meet our lawyers at least ones, to get your case evaluated. You can also book for a Paid Legal Consultation with our accident claim experts.

Many questions may run in your mind in situations like these. Our lawyers can help you get answers to all your questions and will guide and support you. Our experts will give you a valuable insight about your case on how to handle your injuries and claim. You can walk in to any of our offices or fill up the Case Evaluation form to start with.

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