Certificate Attestation in UAE

Procuring an attestation stamp from the consulate or UAE embassy is generally a legal procedure. The UAE is well-known for its welcoming attitude toward foreigners who come for employment, to carry out business plans, or to stay. Hence, document attestation becomes a crucial factor as you enter here. It is necessary to certify the authenticity of yourself and your documents. Another factor that increases its importance is that it approves you as a permissible person.

Our Law Firm has years of expertise in this industry and is well-versed in all aspects of the procedure. We stay up to date on all of the developments in certificate attestation. We understand how tough it might be for you to navigate the country and its regulations. And it is, for this reason, we attempt to reduce your stress and make things simpler for you. We understand how the legal tag helps one to start a business in Dubai. As a result, our services are more efficient and accessible to everybody.

Why is Certificate Attestation Important in UAE?

There could be several reasons to need certificate attestation in UAE. It can be for a work visa, residency visa, student visa, or other professional aspects. And it helps you prove that you hold no evil intentions coming to this country. Generally, the UAE document attestation comprises of three types:

  • Personal documents
  • Educational documents
  • Commercial document

Types of Certificate for Document Attestation

Degree Certificate: Degree certificate attestation is one very significant process of legalization where the UAE embassy stamp is required. We assist you in authenticating all educational papers that may be required. The UAE government requires all educational certifications. The UAE Embassy must attest Master’s, academic, or professional forms. The given certificates must first be certified by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the country of origin. We provide quick and genuine certificate attestation, which saves you a lot of time.

Marriage Certificate: The UAE government requires a marriage certificate if a couple intends to live together here. The attestation is highly needed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Government before procuring the UAE visa. We help you with all sorts of transfer certificate attestation services. There is an online tracking system that will inform you of each stage of the procedure. Whether you opt for a vacation with your spouse or aim to start a new life with them, it makes your plan easy and secure. Also, with the knowledge of UAE official firms and the duration it takes, we work with light speed so that your trip doesn’t slow down.

Divorce Decree Certificate: This attestation is generally witnessing a divorce certificate by legalized departments with their official signature and seal. The divorce certificate attestation also declares the authenticity of the divorce. While being married or divorced in many countries can become a factor while entering the country, we don’t want you to face such situations in the UAE. We handle the entire work, even though there are no definitive regulations other than the certificate’s legitimacy. We ensure your marital status doesn’t become a hurdle in your trip or plan.

PCC: A police clearance certificate or PCC is an official document issued by the government or police agency of a country to itemize if you have any past criminal records. These records can involve conviction, criminal proceedings, and arrest. The police certificate is also referred to as a good conduct certificate, judicial record extracts, or good citizen certificate. Our UAE Law Firm helps to process the PCC in a short time. All you need to provide is your fingertips and a few personal information for Dubai Police criminal record check. If everything comes out clear, you get your PCC attested in no time.

Power of Attorney: It is a written statement represented on another individual’s behalf for business or personal reasons. In accordance to consider this certificate, a legal document called POA needs to be attested. Generally, there are two different types of power of attorney in Dubai – company power of attorney and personal power of attorney. We can assist you throughout the process. Since the final requirements depend on the embassy authorities, we keep informing you about them once the attestation order gets confirmed.

Medical Certificate: This certificate in UAE witnesses and confirms that the mentioned Medical Center and Hospital do the attestation. Also, the seal and signature of that very healthcare center need to be genuine. This procedure can be hectic as it sounds. But with us, it takes a shorter period to get the work done. Our contacts made the procedure faster and flawless. Also, with us, you don’t have to wander anywhere being clueless. From helping you reach the medical center to getting the attestation done, we will guide you at every step.

Birth Certificate: Birth certificate attestation is generally involved in non-educational certificate attestation. This attestation works as a witness provided by authorized authorities, departments, or persons’ official signature and seal. This even confirms the genuinity of your birth date and location. You might require the birth certificate attestation for migration, residence, or employment visa to attain a dependant visa or opt for higher education. This particular procedure undergoes several stages. Once you visit us, it is our onus to provide you with the final result.

No Objection Certificate: No Objection Certificate or NOC is a legal certificate issued by an institute, agency, or organization. The attestation does not object to the covenants of the NOC. You might require NOC for job changing, take a driving license, work on a sponsor’s visa, or a temporary work permit. Whatever the reason be, our firm is ready with all the information you require. And even guide you throughout the journey taking care of all the official needs.

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