Commercial Bankruptcy Law

What to do for Commercial Bankruptcy?

The Commercial Bankruptcy Law aims at assisting financially troubled businesses and providing protection to creditors and shareholders. The commercial law in UAE thus protects the economic and business environment in the region. The UAE Bankruptcy Law or Federal Law 9 of 2016 was introduced with the belief that it will go a long way in improving investor confidence in the UAE. And it was proven when the first firm utilized the benefits of the UAE bankruptcy law and got restructured in March 2019.

We at Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants, serve our clients seeking relief as a creditor, debtor, or in any other capacity if they are threatened by legal problems related to bankruptcy and insolvency in Dubai and other parts of UAE. Our team of commercial bankruptcy lawyers in UAE has a great deal of experience in dealing with bankruptcy, liquidation, or insolvency matters. We have represented several business houses to date and counsel clients in structuring transactions properly to avoid or mitigate bankruptcy.

If you are someone whose business needs the expertise of an experienced law firm, then look no further. Our law firm was established in 1999, and most of our lawyers have experience of over 20 years in this field.  Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants is often the first choice when it comes to deciding on declaring commercial bankruptcy. Most of the clients do not realize the bankruptcy law was amended to protect the interest of both owners and creditors. It is not something to be dreaded, but an excellent option that also opens the door for restructuring the firm. Earlier business owners use to flee the country to avoid jail term or hefty fines. However, the landmark UAE bankruptcy law has changed all that.

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    About Commercial Transaction Law
    1. It allows the opportunity for companies to reorganize their financial affairs to remain viable in a financially difficult situation.
    2. In the absence of remaining viable, it provides options for the liquidation process.
    3. It provides relief from the criminal penalties that were previously imposed on the directors and officers of the companies.

    Bankruptcy Law

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    How can we help you?

    1. Help in bankruptcy filing procedures.
    2. Temporary relief from creditors.
    3. Protecting you from criminal actions or mitigating them.
    4. Opportunity to debts waved off and reducing or avoiding personal liability.
    5. Exceptional Debt Management Services.
    6. Complete assistance in the restructuring process.

    Why Us?

    • Our experienced lawyers have a thorough understanding of the region and its laws. Their combined experience dealing with the legal framework and other statutory agencies like police, courts, etc. also proves to be beneficial in unexpected situations.
    • We have a good number of multi-lingual staff who are well-versed in languages like English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Iranian, and many other languages. Language and culture will never be a barrier when it comes to Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants.
    • Our team of lawyers are certified and properly licensed to represent you in any court of law in the UAE.
    • Our experienced & skilled Insolvency and Bankruptcy Lawyer in Dubai and other regions are also experts in litigation and corporate law.
    • We have an extensive list of client base comprising of government agencies, corporate houses, and small businesses. Read our Client’s Testimonials.
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    Our lawyers in UAE make sure that our work meets the highest level of standards. With over 20 years of legal practice, we can provide you the assistance you require. We emphasize on being with you through the complete process, which includes filing or defending the corporate insolvency, process application, assisting in restructuring/revival, handling insolvency process, and litigation. You can visit our offices in DubaiSharjahAbu DhabiAjman, and RAK, and meet our lawyers and clarify any further doubts. If in case, you have any issues in travelling then you can avail of our exclusive service, Paid Legal Consultation Over The Phone. Through this service, you can discuss your legal problems with our senior expert lawyers over the telephone from anywhere. If you are a lady looking for female lawyers, we have a team of female lawyers.

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