7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Accident Claim

Getting into an accident is a terrible and stressful event. In mid of this chaotic event, most people make small mistakes which can have significant consequences later. We have listed here 7 biggest and most typical mistakes which can cost you dearly. Our expert accident claims lawyers in Dubai have advised ways to avoid such problems.

  1. Avoiding Initial Critical Steps: In the UAE, the driver who has been a part of the accident bears certain legal requirements, which he/she needs to fulfill. In the scenarios where the driver is not seriously injured, keep below points in mind:
    • Move the vehicle to the safest position if you can.
    • Alert Authorities by Calling 999 and ask them to inform the Police.
    • Show the necessary documents, DL, Vehicle registration, Emirates ID or Passport.
    • Follow the instruction given by Police and receive the receipt.
  2. Posting Accident Details on Social Media: The UAE Ministry of Interior has strongly issued warning against posting accident images or videos on social media. Government consider such acts as “irresponsible” and displays a “lack of positive spirit among citizens.” It is a criminal offense and goes for both spectators and people who are affected by accident. Circulating images or videos of an accident online can have some significant legal consequences like fine up to AED 150,000 or a jail term.
    Moreover, we advise that you refrain from sharing your post-recovery images online as it is the most common place where the insurer of the opposite party will investigate. They may even question the seriousness of your injury.
  3. Not taking Immediate Medical Help: There is so much goes on after an accident that most of the times, drivers don’t visit a doctor in case of minor injuries. However, the shock and trauma of the crash may start showing its effect after a day or two. Most people feel symptoms related to head injury, ligament, or tendon injuries, neck muscle injuries later on. So, it is advisable to pay the doctors a visit and get yourself checked.
  4. Failing to Understand the Strategies used by Insurance Companies: Most people believe whatever the insurance company tells them. It’s the part of the job for insurer adjuster to make you believe they are on your side while building the case against you. The insurance agency will try to get in touch with you before you hire a lawyer so they can manipulate you in accepting a low claim amount. Never provide a recorded statement to the insurance company.
  5. Seeking Advice from Wrong People: It is a general tendency of people to shower advice when they see someone in need. UAE has a good number of expat population, and whenever such accidents occur, people prefer to discuss it with them, someone, they respect or know in their own community. However, it is not necessary the person has the essential knowledge and expertise on the accident claim.
  6. Delay in Taking Action: Waiting too long to initiate the claim process is a crime to yourself. In UAE statute of limitations to file an accident claim is 3 years. If you delay in pursuing your case, it often makes it more difficult. The situation may depend on an important piece of evidence and witness testimonies. To ensure that your rights are protected, you need to be quick in gathering the proofs required to win the case.
  7. Not contacting a Specialized Accident Claim Lawyer: People usually juggle with the idea of whether to hire the service of an accident claim lawyer or not. It mostly depends on the complexity of the case. However, a lawyer can assist you in various ways than you can imagine.
  8. Some of the task that a lawyer can help you with are:
    • Communicating with other driver’s insurer
    • Obtain the necessary evidence of liability
    • Obtain the essential proof of damages
    • Communicating with your health care provider
    • Negotiating a satisfactory settlement amount with the insurance company

Don’t let such small mistakes ruin your future possibilities. Going through an accident and recovery related to it is a painful process. You already have too much on your plate with piling up medical bills to loss of pay. An expert accident lawyer can help resolve most of the issues and take some stress away from your shoulder. Contact Us for initial legal consultation.

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