Criminal Appeals Lawyer UAE

The appeal is an opportunity for convicts to review their case by higher authorities. Both parties request a formal change to the official decision through the appeal. However, in UAE, only the convicted party has the right to appeal. The appellate court provides a process for error correction and clarification on the interpretation of the law.

Anyone convicted and sentenced for a crime has the right to appeal against the judgment. A comprehensive list of rules dictates the time and manner you can file your appeal in the UAE. The limited window of 30 days is significantly less to find a criminal appeal lawyer or law firm to take your case. Hire an efficient criminal appeal lawyer if you are not satisfied with your lawyers’ performance or your lawyer is not licensed to represent you in higher courts.

But, how to choose a criminal appeal lawyer in UAE? You have a lot at stake while going for an appeal. It is essential you choose your law firm with caution and use your due diligence. Also, check for the success rate of the law firm that you plan to hire.

Appeals in Criminal Cases

Your lawyer files your appeal before a Court of Cassation (Second Instance Court), where you have the possibility of getting your case revisited. The criminal law in UAE provides equal opportunities for every convict to appeal. According to UAE’s criminal procedural law, once the Court of First instance sentences a guilty verdict, the convicted party appeal to the appellate court. If the convict fails to file for an appeal within the stipulated time period (30 days), they waive the right of appeal.

Why do you need a Criminal Appeal Lawyer?

It is imperative who you choose to represent your case in the Court of Cassation. It would be best to have an expert Criminal Appeal lawyer who thoroughly understands the law and the appeal process. Every nation’s legal system has unique and complex rules and regulations. Similarly, UAE law is also distinct in nature. The law in the country leans in favor of Sharia Law, but it derives its inspiration from various other law systems too. Considering the complexity of the appeal process, there are many benefits of hiring a criminal appeal lawyer.

Benefits of hiring a Criminal Appeal Lawyer

Understands process: The criminal defense lawyers who have a good deal of experience are up to date about the policies and laws. They do not just know but have extensive experience. They have spent years studying criminal law and know inside and out of the justice system. A competent lawyer can make your case stronger and represent you aggressively.

Take care of the paperwork: Keeping track of paperwork and ensuring all documents are in order is an intricate job, and your lawyer can do it effortlessly. Most multi-disciplinary law firms like ours also maintain a documentation department.

Prevents future expenses: Experienced criminal defense lawyers don’t come cheap. However, you need to weigh it against the time and money; it will turn financially beneficial in the future. Serious criminal offenses invite harsher punishments and hefty fines. Moreover, cases such as juvenile criminal offenses can ruin the person’s entire life. The court fee, fines, time, and reputation loss are the costs you incur because of a criminal case.

Be your voice: Though UAE courts now accept English as the official court language, Arabic still remains the primary language of conversation. Even after the authority’s full corporation, there have been a few rare incidents where the person arrested failed to understand the charges entirely. Moreover, the things they want to communicate may get lost in translation. With a multilingual criminal defense advocate, you can better understand the charges against you and possible outcomes after appeal.

Have the resources: Reputed criminal defense law firms in Dubai have a whole team of expert paralegal staff and assistant lawyers to deal with your case. From gathering new evidence to looking at your case from different angles and planning, the prepping you for the appeal process can be handled effectively.

Brings a new perspective to the case and evidence: If you hire new lawyers for appeal, they can bring a fresh perspective to the case and examine the evidence and circumstances in a different way.

Constant guidance and support: The criminal case can be emotionally draining to you and your family. Finding a law firm to effectively file an appeal for you can be a blessing in disguise. The legal experts can make you understand the consequences and keep your family updated about the proceedings.

Bottom Line

Getting involved and fighting a criminal case is a life-turning event. It’s highly recommended to hire a professional to get the best outcome. Hiring an experienced defense lawyer to represent in higher courts can increase the possibility of winning the case or reducing the punishment.

Our team strongly believes that every case is defensible. Our qualified and experienced Criminal Defense lawyers in Dubai, SharjahAjman, and other emirates ensure that our clients get a fair trial. We provide economical, legal solutions.

When you get a chance to appeal, it means a second opportunity. Please do not take it lightly and put your trust in a highly experienced and trusted criminal defense attorney in UAE. Whether you are guilty or innocent, all deserve a right to be heard and get a fair judgment in front of the law. There are multiple benefits of hiring specialized criminal defense lawyers.

With the limited time frame to file the appeal, you better make it quick and book an appointment with our team. We can guide you in the right direction.

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