Are you looking for Female Lawyers?

UAE has always been nothing but empowering women in the workplace, since its inception. Especially in the legal system, UAE has a higher percentage of women in advocacy profession. Even higher than many advanced nations. According to the Ministry of Justice’s statistics, female lawyers are accounted for 28 percent of the total list of enrolled lawyers, which is 998. The initiatives taken by local and state bar associations have increased gender diversity at many law firms in the UAE. Which also includes hiring and professional development of female employees.

Our law firm has always aimed at creating diversity at our workplace. We have lawyers and legal consultants from different nations, and many of them are female lawyers. We have female lawyers in junior, mid and senior level. Our team is multilingual, which helps us to relate better to our clients.

Family law matters, such as custody of a child, divorce, etc. are often very personal and mostly end-up in high-conflict litigation. Being in the legal profession for over 20 years we have witnessed that our female clients are more comfortable in sharing details with a female attorney. Clients feel a certain level of comfort in working with woman lawyers in UAE who are smart and tough. As they can relate and empathize better in certain situations.

There are also other benefits of hiring our exceptionally talented female lawyers, such as:

  • They are better listeners, and they fully listen to our clients and understand their needs better.
  • They are more inquisitive and open for negotiation when aggressive approach might not work.
  • We have witnessed that our team of woman lawyers in Dubai has brought winning results by using non-traditional tactics.

So, if you are looking for female lawyers and female legal consultants in UAE, then we have the best mix for it. Our team of female lawyers are well-experienced and qualified in UAE legal framework. They have been able to bring successful solutions for our clients in most of the cases. To talk to one of our female lawyers, call us at 600 544 009 or fill up Case Evaluation Form.

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