How to check car accident history in the UAE

A personal vehicle is one of the most important assets. It takes a certain amount of financial investment to buy a vehicle. Hence, you need to do thorough research. One of the important factors that can affect the worth of a car is car accident history. For instance, before finalizing the vehicle deal in UAE, you must meticulously check the vehicle’s accident history. It provides you the clarity that the car you are buying is safe and secure for you and your family. This process also proves to be beneficial when you plan to sell your car in the future. It gives the buyer the clarity of the vehicle they plan to purchase.

You can save yourself from possible problems in the future by going through an easy method to verify the background of car accidents in the UAE. To check these details, you need to have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), also called the chassis number. This number is unique for each vehicle and is extremely useful. It can reveal a lot of information about the vehicle, its history, where it came from, etc.

There are various websites where you can track the car accident history in Dubai. Both government and private companies offer this service. Let’s discuss some of the significant options here.

Government sources to check car accident history in UAE

 A few clear and easy procedures have been introduced by the UAE government to verify vehicle accident history. Some of these are:

  • Ministry of Interior (MOI)
  • Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)
  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Ministry of Interior (MOI)

If you are planning to buy a used car, you can check all relevant details of the car accident history on the MOI website. Once you enter the respective chassis number of the vehicle, the MOI portal retrieves and shows you all the applicable details of the reported accidents. Details like the number of accidents, report number, location, etc. are provided in the report.

In addition, various other details such as status of vehicle registration, traffic law violation, and number reservation, can also be checked on this portal. Vehicle certificate service is also available on the tool.

You will find the ‘vehicle accident’ history option under the ‘Traffic Accident’ menu, and the ‘vehicle certificate’ inquiry option under the ‘public services’ menu.

Website –

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

Emirates Vehicle Gate website allows you to review the background of your car’s accident in the UAE. The process is very simple. You can access the account using your login credentials. On the ‘Traffic Accidents Management’ tab on the website, simply input the chassis number of the vehicle. All the accident history of the respective vehicle will be displayed on your computer screen. This is a central repository. It provides specific details like the type of the accident, and location, etc.

If you also want to enquire about the vehicle certificate, you can do this without even logging in. On the home page of the portal, you will see an option of vehicle certificate inquiry. You need to provide the vehicle certificate number to view the respective details. You can also use the print option to take a printout of the certificate for future reference.

Website –

Abu Dhabi Police

This website also provides the services to check car accident history in the UAE. On the official portal, you need to click on the public services option. Select the option ‘vehicle accidents inquiry’ from the menu. By providing the vehicle’s chassis number, you can view the accident history of the car.

You can also check the details pertaining to the vehicle certificate on the website.

Website –

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

In UAE, RTA offers the service to used car buyers to view the history of the vehicle they plan to purchase. It provides detailed information on the vehicle like previous owners, distance covered, last inspection details, accident history, etc.

But this service can be availed only with the agreement of the present owner of the car. Once you get the consent, you can check the car details on the RTA website by entering the chassis number. Details of the imported used vehicles are also available on this portal.

Website –

Private companies services to check car accident history in UAE

Apart from various government services, there are some private companies too in Dubai which offer comparable services. These services are extremely useful especially in cases if you are planning to purchase an imported car. Private corporations have an extensive record, making it easier for you to check the vehicle accident history. Two famous players are CARFAX and CarReport.


Among private players, CARFAX is one of the principal sources of vehicle history information for both buyers and sellers. Its database is very comprehensive. You can use the VIN to instantly generate the history report from the company’s database. The information provided is crucial and can impact your purchase decision. A CARFAX report may include information like accident, severity impact, owners, emission results, etc.

Not only individuals, but businesses, and service providers trust the CARFAX information to help them make informed decisions.

The company compiles the information it receives from various sources. However, all the accident history may not be available. This is because many accidents have never been reported, or may be reported to a source to which the company does not have access.

Website –


CarReport provides credible and valuable information that helps you make the right decision when purchasing your next vehicle. Apart from local cars, you can also get the vehicle history of imported cars from the website. They compile data from numerous local and global partners. The vehicle history report provided is very informative and transparent. You can view the report by providing the vehicle identification number.

Website –


In the UAE, reviewing the car accident history and requesting certificates are crucial measures if you want to purchase a vehicle. Avoiding these steps might not be a good idea, even if they seem overwhelming or unnecessary. In the long run, you would not want to end up with big issues. Obtaining the required official documents would provide you comfort and peace while buying a used car.

As a customer, knowing a car’s accident history is vital. It makes you confident that the replaced parts are authentic and in good condition. It is also necessary to know that there are no legal liabilities connected to the accident. With technology at our fingertips, it is fair to say that the procedures are getting more consumer-friendly with the passage of time.

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