How to Choose a Law Firm in Dubai

Most people rarely need Legal assistance and don’t know How to Choose a Law Firm in Dubai. Proper and apt legal advice is essential, whether you are an individual or a company. However, for business entities having a law firm is crucial because a lawyer not only handles your cases but also prevents you from getting into any legal hassles. Dubai has a wide range of options available when it comes to Law firms in Dubai. Thus, to narrow down that list to one is quite exhaustive. However, it is not impossible, you just need to use through research and your due diligence before making the final call.

Below are the few pointers which we suggest that you consider and make a sound decision.

  1. Legal Qualifications: Focus on the type of lawyer you need, as it defines the scope of service, which they can assist you with. The first thing to look for is the name of the Law Firm, whether it says just legal consultants or advocates and legal consultants. Most legal consultants can handle typical documentation and filing requirements and the arbitration process. However, if the case moves towards litigations, Dubai Courts have specific criteria on who can represent you in court. The lawyers are required to have proper licenses depending in which court they will be going to represent you (higher or lower).
  1. Choose the law firm of the right size: There are both pros and cons of working with big firms, smaller firms, and individual practitioner. It all depends on your case. For a very complex kind of lawsuits, it’s suggested that you go for an established law firm rather than an individual attorney. And, if you are a business then it all depends on the scale of business and future growth prospects. No matter how big or small the law firm is, make sure that who is going to handle your case. Are they easily approachable? Will they be available if there is an urgent issue which needs to be addressed? Try and ask these questions upfront when you meet them for the first time.
  1. Ability and Service: A law firm must have the ability to obtain a positive result that you deserve. Study the credentials and background of the firm’s attorneys in Dubai. Review their website and social media pages. Make a call and see if your phone calls are returned. Do they promptly provide the name of past clients and references?
  1. Regional Experience and Bilingual Representation: Dubai Courts work in the Arabic Language so it’s essential that all the documents that are submitted in the court must be properly translated in Arabic. It is essential that Advocates and Legal Consultants of the firm have a good understanding of the Arabic language. Having your law firm in your own city is more of personal choice and specific needs. You can always choose a law firm which has branches at multiple locations so that you can go and meet them personally. If you are an expatriate, then any law firm with multilingual staff may seem interesting and you will find easier to communicate with them. Also, Local Arabic Law Firms usually understand the region’s legal system and maintain a good relationship with the police department. Check for their membership in local trade associations and similar agencies which is an indicator of how well-connected they are.
  1. Representation in Courts: In UAE the Courts are divided into multiple levels and types. For representing in each one of them requires a different level of experiences and licenses. For example for representing in the Court of Cassation, an Advocate is required to have relevant experience of minimum of five years in the court. Any Dubai Law Firm must have a substantial number of Lawyers in Dubai who possess experience and proper licenses for representing you in court. If you’re a business entity, then inquire with your prospective Law Firm about representation in court and whether they have the appropriate license by the Government of Legal Affairs Department.
  1. Clearly defined Fee system: Fees charged by the law firms does not necessarily the benchmark for the quality of service. Neither high fees mean better quality, nor the lower ones mean inferior service. However, good legal advice isn’t free. On the other hand, bad legal advice is easy to find and quite cheap. Choose wisely and use your due diligence to form a better understanding. Some law firms may ask you to pay for an advance payment for certain cases. Transparency in the fee system is an indicator of well-organized and efficient administration. Don’t feel afraid or nervous to discuss fees with them, it will help you to plan your legal cost.
  1. Existing Clientele: If you are a business, then ask them to do they have other clients in your industry. It is advisable that your attorney is somewhat familiar with your industry and related legal environment.  Similarly, if you are an individual check do they have a strong track record of obtaining positive results for their clients. More the number of satisfied clients more you will feel confident in handing over your legal matters to the law firm. Check for testimonials from their previous clients.
  1. Visit the office: Finally, make a visit to the office and speak with lawyers and staff. See how you are treated? Check whether they have handled similar types of cases previously and level of expertise.
  2. Check for Online Reviews: Go the Google MapFacebook Page, and other social media platforms to check the Review of the Law Firm. Normally the good Law Firms have Good Reviews.

This must cover most of the questions that you may have before you finalize your law firm in Dubai. Do check if your lawyers bring more resources to your table.


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