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At some point in time, sooner or later one might have to seek Legal assistance. Appropriate and timely legal advice is essential, irrespective of the fact whether you are an individual or a company. UAE offers a wide range of options when it comes to Law firms in UAE. Now the question comes, How to choose a law firm in UAE? It might feel exhausting at times to make a sound decision of choosing with surplus options available. However, just like any other product or services like a wise consumer we need to use through research and our due diligence before making the final call.

Some of the law firms offer an initial consultation at no charge or may provide case evaluation. It can be an initial step to get to know the prospective law firm or lawyer in UAE. Below are few important factors required to be considered before making the final decision.

Legal Consultation

Criminal Law

  • Legal Qualification: First things first, check whether the name says just Legal Consultants or Advocates and Legal Consultants. Legal Consultant has limitations, they can offer legal advice, prepare documentation for license etc. However, for litigation or trial in court, you will need a properly licensed Advocate in UAE.
  • Regional Experience and bilingual representation: It’s an essential factor as all the documents that are submitted in the court must be appropriately translated in Arabic. So, its crucial for Advocates and Legal consultants to understand Arabic language to avoid any misinterpretation or translational error. The multilingual workforce is an added advantage if you are an expatriate. Local Arabic Law Firms which have a better understanding of your region’s legal system including both police department and courts give you an edge.
  • Effective Leadership: A visionary and effective leadership defines the success and code of conduct of any law firm. Always find out time to research about the Advocates in Leadership roles. Along with this, its also necessary that the Lawyers and Advocates in the Law firm holds a good repute in the field, who might handle your case. An experienced and qualified mix of workforce always brings out the best results.
  • Representation in Courts: For representing in the Court of Cassation, an Advocate is required to have relevant experience of minimum five years in the court. The UAE law firm that you are planning to choose must have a sizable number of Lawyers in UAE who possess experience appearing in court in case you must go for litigation. If you’re a business entity, then make sure while assessing the Law Firm for legal advice or representation in court, it has the appropriate license by the Government of Legal Affairs Department.
  • Clearly defined fee system: Understand that the higher fee does not necessarily mean better quality. Similarly, rock-bottom fee may be an indicator of rock-bottom service and competency. Use your due diligence to form a better understanding. Some firms charge on hourly basis and some may ask you to pay for an advance payment for certain cases. Look for firms who provide case evaluation initially, this will give you a proper insight and way forward.
  • Present clientele: Existing range of satisfied clients are the true representation of a Law firms quality. This may interest you more if you are a business. This builds your confidence in the Law firm and gives an assurance that your legal matters are in right hands.
  • Tour the Lawyer’s Law Office: After zeroing in few law firms, the best method to form a final decision is to visit the firm. Take a tour, meet the Legal consultants, get your case evaluated for free and finally make the call.

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