Immigration lawyers in Dubai

Immigration is the migration of people to some other country in which they are not locals or residents. People migrate either to live temporarily or settle permanently as foreign workers. In most cases, immigrants chose to shift to a more developed nation to pursue better jobs and/or to begin a fresh life.

Relocating from one nation to another is not as simple as it may seem, and is not as successful as predicted. Some are fortunate enough to make a move and get a chance to move to a country of their choice, while others are not. The whole process of relocating can be difficult as it involves a lot of paperwork and acts that will require the experience of the Immigration Lawyer in Dubai.

In assessing whether immigration or citizenship is authorized within the UAE, the place of birth or family relations of a person may be crucial. This is also the case elsewhere across the globe. Inaccurate records can cause delays in entering the country, which might delay or disrupt several plans and business deals. In certain cases, this may lead to people being totally banned, losing valuable time and money.

The entire process of immigration is complex. To solve sensitive and difficult issues, you need skilled and competent immigration consultants in Dubai to assist you in this field.

Points to consider before migrating to Dubai

Immigrants must be prepared to adopt a new culture, tradition, language, and environment. It is also crucial to show respect and modesty for the local lifestyle and way of living.

It is not advisable to migrate to Dubai unless you have a job in the UAE. You cannot receive a work permit without a job, and a residence visa cannot be issued without a work permit. Subsequently, you can’t open bank accounts, get a driving license, buy a vehicle, or even rent a home without a valid residence visa.

Dubai immigration laws

Immigration services are an undisputed and prevalent need. To regulate the flow of travelers entering and leaving the country’s territory, there are many laws and regulations imposed in place. Federal Law No. 6 of 1973 as revised by Federal Law No. 13 of 1996 (Immigration Law) includes immigration laws relating to the entry and citizenship of the UAE expatriates. Also, the UAE government imposes numerous immigration regulations under separate ministerial decrees and guidelines.

Any person would need a valid visa to enter the country legally. A valid visa permits entry into the country for a temporary period, which can be renewed in certain cases. Depending on the intention of a person’s entry, as stated in the Immigration Law, a visa is issued. Some types of visas that can be issued are tourist visas, transit visas, multiple-entry visas, residence visas, etc.

There are certain countries whose citizens do not need a visa to visit the UAE. Instead, they can receive permits at the airport for a certain amount of fee. These permits allow the person to stay in the country for a fixed duration, which can be extended in some cases.

Immigration Lawyers in Dubai

Our Dubai Immigration Lawyers have strong knowledge and expertise in dealing with the legal aspects involved in the process. Our team offers a range of choices and guidance on how to legally have a residence visa and help improve the chances of getting it. We also clarify all the steps clients have to take, monitor the paperwork, and make sure nothing is overlooked.

Our team of UAE immigration lawyers is result-oriented, highly dedicated, and client-focused practitioners with very good local knowledge and resources. We have an entirely different perspective on immigration services that allow us to customize the exact solution that caters to the requests of each client.

Canada immigration lawyers in Dubai

Canada is the preferred destination for migration from people across the world. The country provides all its migrants with adequate social and economic well-being. It is one of the safest countries in the world and claims to have a supportive immigration policy. This ensures that Canadians enjoy incredible opportunities for work and a great work-life balance. Our lawyers will assist and update you with the latest guidelines and procedures, thus saving your valuable time and money throughout the process.

UK immigration lawyers in Dubai

The United Kingdom is just the right place for you, whether you are searching for employment opportunities or want to pursue your education in some other country. For all those interested in experiencing a high quality of life, the UK has the ability to perform wonders by exploring a variety of opportunities. Nonetheless, depending on the type of application, some conditions need to be met when filing for a UK visa. Our team will help you through the process of applying for visas. Contact us and talk to our experts for more information.

US immigration lawyers in Dubai

The United States of America is also called the land of dreams and opportunity. People from various countries, ethnicity, and cultures reside there. America offers a wonderful quality of living. The country also has some of the finest universities and colleges and allows people to follow their dreams. Its strong economy is one of the several reasons why thousands of people chose to move to this country and make it their home.

Our attorneys are up-to-date with the latest requirements and have extensive expertise to deal with US immigration legal formalities. Without any complications, they will help you speed up the immigration application process. Appoint an experienced US Immigration Lawyer to handle the legalities when applying for US citizenship.

Dubai immigration office location

All the entry permits and different types of visas for entering and residing in the UAE are processed by The Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD). DNRD is also known as the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department or Dubai Immigration Department. The head office is located at Al Jaffliya.


It is overwhelming to take the big step towards moving to a new country. You are not only pulling yourself out of your current comfort zone, but you are also placing a lot on what is yet to be experienced. You need a companion who can provide a secure, comfortable and economical migration to your desired destination.

We have a distinctive approach to immigration programs and we customize solutions to suit the needs of each customer. We understand how thrilling and exhausting the immigration process can be. In order to find solutions to your most challenging immigration issues, we aim to understand your goal and priorities and provide the right solution.

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