International Collaborations

We Welcome International Partners

The continuous globalization has created the demand for seamless multinational services. Law firms are required to often collaborate across geographical boundaries and partners to ensure that their assistance is aligned with the clients’ global requirement and country-specific legal matters. Understanding the need we have International Collaborative Agreement with various reputed Law firms from Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Pakistan and many European Countries. We are looking forward to expand our base of Collaborative Partners.

Bin Eid Advocates and Law Firm is a reputed law firm in UAE. We have been serving a wide range of clients across sectors. Our clientele ranges from government and private agencies, commercial establishments, financial institutions and end number of individuals from various paths of life. We have witnessed continuous growth since our inception in 1999. Currently, we are one of the most trusted Law firms in UAE. Our local network among various law agencies and a deep understanding of socio-economic framework of the region has always helped our partners to achieve desired goals.

We are a client-centric law firm. Our tireless and innovative efforts are the reason behind our large number of repeat clients. We focus on customised solutions specific to the client’s requirement thus increasing satisfaction and repeat business. We have various satisfied foreign companies and individuals as clients who invest or manage their business in UAE.

Legal Consultation

    As our international partner, we expect a relationship based on trust, openness and mutual respect. We are looking forward to a collaborative approach to serving clients in the best possible way. We at Bin Eid Advocates are expecting to work together with a law firm which will bring a distinct expertise and knowledge to form innovative solutions, which may create entirely new types of services that can attract a new set of client base.

    Disclaimer: This is to inform you that Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants is our registered trademark name, and is our only official website. If someone contacts you with our name (Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants), please confirm the genuinity through Phone Call, Email, WhatsApp or by visiting our Office. You can email us at, WhatsApp to +971 54 562 7999 or visit for complete contact details. If you go ahead without due diligence, we won’t be responsible for your monetary loss. We also take strict actions against fraudsters who misguide people using our brand name.