Leave Provisions Under New UAE Labour Law

Weekly Leave:

A worker has the right to get weekly a day paid leave.

Public Holiday:

Public holidays will be granted as leave, if circumstances of work do not allow leave on holiday then the employee will be compensated for substitute day leave, or he will be paid 50% extra basic wage for holiday work.

Annual Leave:

An employee is entitled to get Paid annual leave 30 days a year for each year of service, and 2 days per month if service is more than 6 months and less than a year.

Under the new law, Part-time workers are also entitled to annual leave according to the working hours of their service.

An employer has the right to decide the date of annual leave and it can be decided according to the work requirements and in agreement with the employee, and its employer’s duty to notify the employee a month before the date of annual leave. The employee must use his leave entitlement in the same leave year, but with mutual consent can carry over annual leave days for next year.

The employer can’t stop employees from using annual leave for more than 2 years’ time period.

Maternity Leave:

A female employee is entitled to maternity leaves. The female employee can avail 45-day full pay leaves and next 15 days half pay leaves and 45 days without pay.

Sick Leave:

After a probationary period, a worker is entitled to 15 days with full pay and 30 days half pay and the remaining 45 days without pay sick leave each year

If sickness is from an occupational disease that is work-related or work injury then sick leave can be for 6 months full paid and the next 6 months half paid leave will be granted to a worker.

Other Leaves:

Bereavement Leave: 5 days paid leave for death of a spouse and 3 days paid leave for death of child, sibling, parents, grandparents, or grandchild.

Paternal Leave: An employee (Father or Mother) has the right to get Paternal leave for 5 days.

Education Leave: An employee is entitled to 10 days of education leave completion of 2 years of service.

Other than the above mentioned leaves an Employer and an Employee with mutual consent can agree on unpaid leave.

Written by 
Imran Khan
Advocate & Legal Consultant
Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants

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