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Aviation law is the branch of law that concerns civil and commercial aviation. Some of the rules related to aviation law overlap with admiralty law (Maritime Law). In most cases, aviation law may become a matter of international law due to the nature of cross-border air transportation. The business aspects of airlines and their regulation related to business law also fall under this.

Out litigators provide you with complete aviation legal services in the UAE. Our services expand to all aspects of aviation law, including commercial, regulatory, and insurance advice to several national and global airlines. Our aviation legal experts in UAE are skilled in aircraft leasing and the legalities of financing. We have successfully dealt with various issues such as emission trading rules, insolvency, restructuring, commercial and private chartering, aircraft accidents, work-related injuries, freight insurance, damages, claims, etc. We apply a strategic approach to deal with all legal matters pertaining to aviation using our vast experience of dealing with international and UAE aviation rules and regulations.

We serve and aim to serve a wide range of clientele such as private aircraft owners, airlines, commercial freight airlines, employees of aviation companies, aircraft maintenance companies, and insurance companies. We can help you in all transactional and dispute resolution, working as your partner in all intricate legal matters. We have offices in all major Emirates of the UAE, providing advice to all large and small business entities, high net worth individuals, government agencies, etc. We also offer assistance to foreign law firms as their local partner in the UAE courts and arbitration centers for litigation and understanding domestic regulations.

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    Aviation Lawyers in UAE

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    Our multi-disciplinary law firm has several senior attorneys working closely with government agencies and clients. The services we offers are mainly on various dispute resolution, practice related to arbitration, compliance, litigation, and regulatory penalties other matters in the region. The multi-national staff in our law firm have a deep understanding of international law.

    The primary practice of our aviation lawyers in UAE
    • Ensuring compliance with the regulatory authorities and other governmental agencies.
    • Draft and review documents for aircraft financing and leasing.
    • Advice on cargo handling and insurance matters.
    • Advice and assistance on legal aspects of corporate commercial transactions.
    • Prepare and review aviation agreements like registration, re-registration, de-registration, licensing, and bank funding.
    • Civil actions for compensations.
    • Trade disputes.
    • Competition laws.
    • Complex accidental claims damages, injuries, and insurance.
    • Labour matters (lay-off, compensation schemes, pension, etc).
    • Financial aspects (aircraft mortgage, insolvency, Islamic financing, leasing, and restructuring).
    • Regulatory compliance.
    • Litigation and arbitration matters related to damage to aircraft claims, personal injury, and cargo claims.
    • All litigations related to aviation matters in all courts of the UAE.
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    The regulations and authority agencies that govern the aviation law in the UAE

    Civil Aviation Law: The Federal Act No. 20 of 1991 governs civil aviation in the UAE. It applies to all the civil aircraft registered in the UAE, the air traffic control, the civil airports in the UAE, and air transport in general.

    General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA): Federal Law created the GCAA was created in 1996 by Federal Law (4). The organization is responsible for the regulation of civil aviation and makes provisions for the aviation services while considering the regulations for airline safety.

    Drone Regulations: The GCAA regulations aim to assure user and data privacy and air and land safety.

    Dubai Civil Aviation Authority: It is an autonomous body that governs and undertakes the air transport industry development. It oversees all aviation-related activities in accordance with federal legislation.

    UAE Airspace Policy (ASP): The ASP is issued for supervision of the matters related to civil aviation and its development. It oversees the promulgation of regulations for civil aviation.

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    The legal matters surrounding the aviation sector must be handled by lawyers with professional experience in dealing with corporate and commercial laws. Our lawyers take a personalized approach and provide bespoke services for all legal matters. We offer all our international and domestic clients reputed legal counsel at a reasonable price and provide winning results. We also provide corporate law services such as joint venture assistance, corporate restructuring, arbitration, etc. Through commercial bankruptcy law, we represent several secured and unsecured creditors. Our team of lawyers in SharjahDubai, and Ajman have a long tradition of advising and guiding companies in various sectors. We help them navigate multiple legal and commercial issues faced in the region.

    We are one of the few reputed law firms in the UAE with aviation and corporate law expertise. Call us or book an online appointment for legal issues related to regulatory and general aviation matters. Our lawyers have the necessary license to represent you in all courts of the UAE, including the Federal Supreme Court.

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