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Civil law is the legal system that pertains to the persons, things, and private relations amongst the members of a community. The law gives a clear description of the rights and obligations of organizations and individuals in the UAE. The law relates to people, communities, and their relationships. It’s a well-organized comprehensive system of rules that covers a wide range of legal provisions and regulations. Our team of Emirati Civil Lawyers in Dubai and other parts of the UAE helps the people in all types the civil disputes in areas of Family, Corporate, Maritime, Intellectual Property, Commercial, Property, Real Estate, and more. We offer complete civil law services in UAE, starting from drafting the contract to defending our clients in Civil Courts. Civil law in UAE is broad in nature and covers almost every breach of human rights and local systems.

UAE is the global financial hub and one of the world’s safest places for business and trade activities. Investors and business people across the globe prefer to do business in this country due to its excellent trade opportunity and relatively lower tax systems. This economically flourishing economic environment and plenty of job opportunities have attracted immigrants for years. Thus, the UAE government has created strong Civil Laws inspired by Egyptian and French law and its provisions are often amended to make it more inclusive. The federal rules and systems implemented under the civil code apply to every individual in UAE. Regulations under civil law in UAE ensure smooth & systematic maintenance of everyone’s life & their activities. Whether you are an Emirati or expatriate, it is essential to follow these rules. Whoever breaches these rules or does not follow them can be considered as committing a violation.

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    We are one of the most trusted law firms in UAE with a nationwide practice. We are a full-service and multi-jurisdictional law firm with highly skilled and result-oriented professional advocates and legal consultants. Our team of expert lawyers in Dubai and other emirates can assist in all legal complexities.

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    We take pride in our ability to assist our clients from conference room to courtroom. You may require the assistance of a civil lawyer if you want to sue or are sued for civil violations. Most civil disputes are resolved through mediation or arbitration. However, if they fail, the only option is to take the matters to court. We provide aggressive representation in court and ensure to extract the best result for our clients. Civil litigators perform various functions in the UAE, such as filing lawsuits, arguing on behalf of their clients, questioning and preparing witnesses, etc.

    Dispute Resolution

    When a disagreement arises between two or more parties due to a conflict of interest, it is called a dispute. Legal disputes cases are very common and can vary widely in nature. The most common dispute cases we handle are contractual disputes, family disputes, rental disputes, labour disputes, illegal termination, intellectual property or trademark disputes, financial disputes, etc.


    Arbitration in UAE is an alternative to litigation or the traditional courtroom process. It is conducted outside the court at designated arbitration centers. The decisions made in the arbitration center are legally binding and equivalent to a court order. Since arbitration is adversarial in nature, the outcome of the case is final; it is advisable to have an experienced arbitration lawyer by your side. The lawyer can help you find evidence and negotiate on your behalf.

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    In the UAE, mediation is conducted before a mediation committee. The committee tries to resolve the dispute by assisting both parties to reach a mutually aggregable solution. However, mediation is not legally binding. The parties can move to court if they disagree with the result derived through the mediation process. That is why you must hire an expert civil lawyer for mediation and negotiation. The mediation process saves time and money that you might incur in a court case.

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    Filing a Lawsuit

    When your rights are violated, or a legal dispute occurs, you are forced to file a lawsuit against the other party or parties to claim damages. The first step towards filing a civil law case is seeking legal advice and consulting with an experienced lawyer. For filing a lawsuit, plaintiffs are required to submit a ‘statement of claim’ and other supporting documents to the court. Depending on the complexity of the case, the supporting documents may increase. Our civil lawyers can assist you in preparing all kinds of documents and finish the filing process on your behalf.

    Appealing in Higher Courts

    If you are not satisfied by the judgement awarded at the Court of First Instance, you can appeal in a higher court within 30 days of the judgement. In some urgent cases, the court can also dictate to appeal in 10 days. The time sensitivity of the appeal process makes it essential to hire a civil appeal lawyer in UAE. They can also help in arranging new pieces of evidence and witnesses.

    Insurance Claims

    In complex insurance claim cases where the fault is harder to establish, insurance claim lawyers are your saviors. We handle a range of claim cases and ensure that our clients receive the highest amount they deserve. We have specialized personal injury claim lawyers who have helped our clients receive millions of Dirhams in the claim amount. Negotiating with insurance adjusters is not an easy task as they are skilled in reducing the claim amount.

    Personal Status

    The personal status law is the category of civil law that deals with personal affairs such as marriage, inheritancedivorce, child custody, etc. The provisions of the law apply to all UAE nationals. Non-Muslims have separate provisions applicable to their religion or country. Due to its complexity, the personal status law can get a little confusing to ordinary people. Our specialized family lawyers deal with all cases covered under the law. We also have a specialized department that assists our clients in registering Will and estate planning.

    Civil Marriages in UAE

    Some Emirates, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, allow non-Muslims to register their marriage in court. However, there are some legal implications based on your nationality, religion, etc. A marriage lawyer can assist you in preparing all the necessary documents and the registration process.

    Bankruptcy and Insolvency

    Filing for bankruptcy or insolvency is a difficult process to go through. The UAE government has made several changes in the law in 2020 so that all troubled businesses have an opportunity to restructure. We assist financially troubled companies in all the legal matters and processes involved in restructuring. Our commercial bankruptcy lawyers have years of experience dealing with bankruptcy, insolvency, liquidation, and restructuring. We assist our clients in filing for bankruptcy and defend the owner for civil charges.

    Financial Cases

    Financial disputes and frauds are some of the most common cases UAE courts listen to. We have served several small and big businesses in UAE. While we take care of a broad range of financial cases, some of the main ones are financial disputes and banking litigation.

    Drafting Documents

    We have a specialized legal department to draft and review legal documents. No matter how trivial it sounds, a well-drafted document is paramount when you are entering into a contractual agreement.

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    We are one of the most trusted law firms in Dubai with offices in other emirates of the UAE. We deal with all kinds of legal matters whether small or big. Our leadership strongly believes the most essential traits lawyers must possess are integrity and taking time to know their clients. We strictly abide by that principle and strive to provide all our clients with exceptional legal services. We work as a team and bring together complementary skills and knowledge, which gives us a winning edge.

    We have been serving our clients for over 2 decades now and have worked with several businesses, high net worth individuals, private and government organizations, hospitals, etc. We have developed an outstanding reputation in the legal fraternity in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah, and the entire UAE. We also have several Indian lawyers who are well-reputed among the large diaspora of expats from the Indian sub-continent. For personal and intimate cases related to domestic abuse and family matters, we also have exceptionally talented female lawyers. We are committed to finding legal solutions that are tangible and cost-effective. We continuously nurture and develop our strength to be the best multi-disciplinary law firm in UAE.

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