Civil Law

Civil Law

Civil Law is the legal system that pertains to the persons, things and the private relations amongst the members of a community. It’s a well-organized comprehensive system of rules with a clear explanation of rights and duties. Our law firm has efficient and experienced civil lawyers in UAE.

Because of the geographical location and trade and commerce facilities, UAE is becoming the lucrative destination for all kinds of businesses and corporate sectors. As the foreign investment is growing at a high rate, the UAE Govt. must have to maintain the civil welfare according to the strong regulation of UAE Civil Law. Civil Law is for the civilians who are staying permanently or temporarily in UAE, whether he is a national citizen or an expat. It is for the smooth & systematic maintenance of everyone’s life & their doings. The Law relates with people, community and their relationship. It is a known matter that if there is a law, there is a dispute beside it. And here we come to solve the dispute cases and to help an individual to keep his rights as per the Civil Law of UAE Govt. The Civil Court or the Court of First Instance hears all the claims of civil cases and disputes. After the announcement of the judgement, the parties have the rights to appeal again in the Civil Court of Appeal.

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Legal Consultation

Our Law Firm, Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants endeavor to advise every individual, corporate sectors and enterprises in the legal way as per their requirements. Our expert legal advisers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all other emirates of UAE can handle the process from reviewing accurately each & every matter to the ultimate success of judicial approval. We are able to represent our clients in every court of UAE and if a client belongs to abroad, we can give the service through International affiliations. Throughout the years, our law firm has earned the reputation of solving the dispute cases with absolute expertise with our highly qualified and experienced Civil Lawyers in UAE. Our Civil Litigation Attorneys deal with all kinds of civil cases including personal contracts, property dispute, compensation dispute, mortgage, insurance, real estate and contractual disputes.

Our Family Lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah and other parts of UAE deal with the below issues :
  • Rights & obligations for personal contracts
  • Property dispute
  • Compensation dispute
  • Mortgage dispute
  • Contractual dispute
  • Insurance dispute
  • Real estate dispute
  • Financial Disputes