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Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants is at the forefront of the legal fraternity in UAE. We offer efficient and cohesive legal solutions, by extending it to both domestic and international clients. We prefer to call ourselves a multi-discipline law firm dealing with all major legal disciplines like Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Accident Claims/Personal Injury, and all other legal issues that you might face in the UAE. In the span of 20+ years, we have worked with multiple commercial establishments belonging to various sectors.  We have a long-established tradition of integrity and sound ethical practices.

We offer a range of corporate legal services from legal business advisory to high profile joint ventures. The evolution of Bin Eid Law firm as one of the most trusted multi-disciplinary law firm was made possible because of our tireless dedication to a client-centric approach. Our leadership continuously emphasizes for the continuous growth. We are successfully pacing along with the fast changing economic and legal environment of the UAE. Our corporate law firm in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, RAK, and other UAE emirates has evolved and diversified our services to match the emerging needs of the times. Our business law firms have served some of the leading names in the region.

Since 1999, we have firmly held on to our client-centric approach and ethical, legal practices. Adhering to our strong working principles, our specialized corporate lawyers in Dubai and other emirates offer their comprehensive legal advisory services through our offices at Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, and Ajman. We have successfully represented our clients before legal institutions and government agencies by maintaining professional advocacy in the area of legal litigation. We have been aptly guiding various big and small enterprises in business transactions while adhering to the government guidelines and law.

Legal Consultation

    Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants had been part of several headline transactions in various industry and services segments. We have assisted several major multinational corporations on starting up a business in the UAE market. Professional and ethical counseling by our senior lawyers has earned us the reputation of being a leader amongst its peers. That is why some of the UAE’s most renowned entrepreneurs turn to us for innovative legal solutions for complex legal troubles.

    We offer legal advice to clients on diverse fields like corporate, business, and commercial areas, including commercial transactions, arbitration, Islamic banking, finance, and strategic business advisory, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures both local & international, intellectual Property law, commercial litigation, and dispute resolution, commercial bankruptcy, etc. among the range of other services.

    Corporate Legal Services

    Some of our Corporate Legal Services

    Debt Management Services

    A healthy cash-flow is an integral part of any business. We provide comprehensive debt management services, including invoice tracking, debt collection, skip tracing, and litigation.

    Intellectual property law

    In modern times, intellectual property and copyright are an inevitable part of the business. We manage all major elements of intellectual property law, such as trademark protection, copyrights, patents, infringement, etc., under our business law services.

    Commercial bankruptcy

    Our services aim to provide legal assistance to financially troubled businesses and individuals. Our comprehensive commercial bankruptcy and insolvency services include the complete solution.


    We are always eager to support innovators and entrepreneurs with our legal assistance. We offer a broad range of services to startups, including setting up a business in the UAE to other complex corporate legal problems.

    Corporate Restructuring 

    Financial restructuring is a necessary nuisance in today’s fast-changing business environment. We cover all major components of corporate restructuring like planning, execution, reorganization, distressed sales, acquisitions, etc.

    Maritimes Law

    We have wide experience and a large client base involved in both the shipping and fishing business. Any trade or business activity conduct in the sea and ports are considered under Maritime or Admiralty Law.

    Corporate law

    Joint Ventures

    Our transactional lawyers can help you in negotiating terms and preparing necessary documents for joint venture agreements. We can assist in represent, draft, and protect your business interests in the legal agreements.


    Our corporate arbitration lawyers have successfully completed several corporate arbitration processes in Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre (TAHKEEM), and Abu Dhabi Commercial and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC).

    Experience + Expertise + Dedication = Success

    Corporate Lawyers

    Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants is a multi-discipline and multi-location law firm. We have offices all over the UAE. Our team comprises of lawyers, and legal consultants specialized in Corporate Law. For us, it is paramount to prevent our client’s interests with our full potential. Our corporate law solutions are customized to the client’s industry and sector. Corporate lawyers at our law firm have advised on company formation, mergers and acquisitions, complex arbitrations, big infrastructure projects, and debt management services. Our firm has an active collaboration with many international law firms and renowned lawyers, which helps us to serve our multinational corporate clients better.

    Corporate Law UAE

    Commercial Lawyers

    Our firm has always set extremely high standards of professionalism and focus on providing economic and quality legal services to all our clients. Our team of Commercial Lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, Ajman, and other parts of the UAE has earned an impeccable reputation and trust as commercial law experts in the UAE. Our existing clientele range from government offices, commercial establishments, SMEs, and various business entities. Our firm has immense expertise in maritime law (admiralty law), commercial, real estate, debt management, litigation, and all similar legal, commercial services.

    Business Lawyers

    Our lawyers and legal consultants are legally proficient and have a strong understanding of the regional and cultural framework of the UAE’s business environment. No other business law firm in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK, or any other part of the UAE can claim to have such a diverse team of multinational and multilingual legal experts. We have a strong network among local authorities and legal departments to ensure prompt service. Business Law in the UAE focuses on regulating trade activity and provides guidelines for the sale and purchase of items and services. Business and commercial law affects business organizations significantly.

    Corporate Litigation Lawyers

    Our corporate litigation lawyers are legally licensed to represent all the courts, including federal courts in the UAE. Sometimes legal complications reach a position where litigation is the only option left. Litigation is mostly the last resort but, at times, inevitable. Our corporate litigation lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK, and other UAE emirates can successfully represent you and offer you cost-effective legal services.

    Our Clients

    We have extensive experience in working with legal matters of various organizations. Some of the sectors we work with are Education, Aviation, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Healthcare, Petroleum, Publicly traded companies, Government, Real estate, and SMEs.

    What is a corporate lawyer?

    Corporate Lawyers are specialists in corporate law. They work within corporate settings, usually with large businesses. Corporate lawyers are the representatives of a corporate entity. They do not provide service to shareholders or the employees of the company. They generally deal with areas related to company formation, mergers and acquisitions, venture capitals, and every legal requirement for a smooth-running business. Corporate lawyers job affects the businesses significantly and prevents the organizations from legal troubles. They ensure that corporations are compliant with the laws and assist them in making strategic decisions.

    What does a corporate lawyer do?

    The job of corporate lawyers is transactional in nature; that is why they are often referred to as transactional lawyers. They will help you write contracts, help behind the scenes to avoid litigation, and protect the corporates from all kinds of legal troubles. They engage in a large array of practice areas. Their specialties are:

    => Incorporate business or business formation

    => Licensing arrangements

    => Venture capital financing

    => Reviewing, drafting and negotiating business contracts

    => Mergers and Acquisitions

    => Joint Ventures

    => Legal issues involving corporate restructuring

    => Dissolution of business

    With the business environment evolving and UAE becoming an attractive business destination, the requirement for corporate lawyers has increased. Our corporate attorneys have international expertise and are very well accustomed to international laws. We work adjacent to the other departments and help corporations make sound business decisions.

    Why do I need a corporate lawyer?

    Every corporation needs a corporate lawyer. They are an integral part of your business. They advise businesses on their legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations arising during the day to day business activities. With a number of companies coming up each year, they all need a good corporate lawyer to stay out of legal trouble. Not many startups realize the importance of corporate lawyers and their crucial role in business organizations. Whether you choose to hire an in-house one or hire the service of a prominent corporate law firm, they are imperative. They are a huge asset when it comes to drafting contracts related to labour law, sale and purchase contracts, sale of shares, etc. A corporate lawyer can ensure that your business is adhering to the rules and regulations of the UAE and the company’s activities are within the limits of the law.

    When to hire a business lawyer?

    This question leaves all the new entrepreneurs rather perplexed. Matured businessmen can vouch for the crucial role business lawyers play for your business. Regardless of what business is going through, a business lawyer can be valuable. The longer you wait to hire a business lawyer more challenging the legal situation can become.

    You don’t specifically need to hire a business lawyer at the start of your business, as UAE law has clear guidelines for everything. However, the location of your business decides the rules that can be applicable to you. For instance, the rules to start a business in Free economic zones may defer from the mainland. Similarly, all emirates have their own set of rules and guidelines for starting up a new business.

    At the initial stages of business, legal disputes may look a bit far-fetched. However, when you require a business litigation lawyer, you need to be absolutely sure that your company is represented by the best.

    How to hire a business lawyer?

    UAE being the business capital of the Middle East, have some of the most prominent law firms. Precisely the reason it becomes rather difficult to pick one. It is a big decision to choose a law firm to handle your legal affairs. Hiring a business lawyer is not choosing other vendors for other business jobs. To narrow down your choices, you need to consider certain deciding factors.

    Legal Qualifications: Check if the law firm you are hiring has lawyers, advocates, or legal consultants. The scope of service of legal consultants is vast, which includes documentation, filing requirements, and the arbitration process. However, they cannot represent you in courts. In the UAE, you need to be a UAE residence and acquire legal license to litigate in courts. Lawyers and advocates are legally licensed to represent in courts. Always look for business law firms that have a good mix of both types of business personnel.

    Experience: It’s crucial that the law firm that you choose to hire to have strong experience in handling a range of legal issues. Also, check if they are a local law firm and have a strong regional experience. They understand the region’s legal system and maintain a good relationship with legal departments and police departments.

    Fee Structure: High fee is not the benchmark for the quality of service, nor are the free consultations indicator of bad service. Good legal advice will definitely have a price tag attached to it. All law firms have a different mode of payments, depending on the kind of service you wish to secure. Irrespective of the amount of fee, what matters is they have a clearly defined fee system.

    Existing Clients:  The clientele a law firm or lawyers hold depicts the range and quality of their services. Always check if they have clients in your industry. Enquire with the current clients and check for online reviews to have a better understanding.

    Visit the office: Finally, visit the office and meet the lawyer. There is no better way to reach the final decision.

    Does a corporate lawyer go to court?

    The primary responsibility of corporate lawyers revolves around drafting, negotiating legal documents, advising their clients, and prevent things leading to litigation. That is the reason corporate lawyers are also called transactional lawyers. Not all corporate lawyers might be qualified to represent your business in court. In UAE, you need a legal license to represent a client. So always check the lawyer you are hiring is a corporate litigator lawyer.

    Why choose Bin Eid Advocates for Business and Commercial legal services?

    Our team of corporate lawyers and all senior professionals have years of experience behind them. Together we strive to the highest level of professional commitment. Our team of corporate lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and other parts of UAE are in tune with large and small corporate clients’ requirements. We extend an equal level of professional services to both without compromising on quality. That is why we have gained an impeccable reputation as one of the most trusted corporate lawyers in the UAE. Our clientele ranges from government offices, educational institutions, hospitals, SMEs, MNCs, public and private companies to several high net worth individuals.

    Our corporate law services’ main aim is to add value to your organization and coherently work along with your various departments. We provide both consultation and corporate litigation services. Our law firm provides legal assistance on various legal matters such as financial, strategic alliance, labour laws, shareholder disputes, contractual disputes, and other corporate legal disputes.

    We offer specialized legal corporate service that we cater to our clients:

    => A Special department for drafting and reviewing commercial and civil contracts.

    => Preparing documentation and various legal instruments related to clients’ business.

    => Arbitration and Dispute Resolution: Legal representation before dispute settlement committees, arbitration panels, Federal and Local Ministries.

    => Representing clients in all courts of UAE, and at all stages. For example, the first instance appeal, Cessation, and Supreme.

    => Specialized Debt collection Services under the name of Bin Eid Debt Collections (BDC).

    => Registration of Intellectual Property Rights and Trademarks and Commercial Agencies in UAE.

    => Regular training and development program to keep our team updated.

    Disclaimer: This is to inform you that Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants is our registered trademark name, and is our only official website. If someone contacts you with our name (Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants), please confirm the genuinity through Phone Call, Email, WhatsApp or by visiting our Office. You can email us at, WhatsApp to +971 54 562 7999 or visit for complete contact details. If you go ahead without due diligence, we won’t be responsible for your monetary loss. We also take strict actions against fraudsters who misguide people using our brand name.