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Family Law in UAE

The Law that deals with family matters like marriage, domestic partnership, adoption, divorce etc. is called Family Law. It can be said that this law involves every important aspect of a person’s life. Sometimes it becomes so sensitive that the situation demands extra care from legal understandings.

We have experienced Family Lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other emirates of UAE. Our UAE Family Lawyers take extra care while dealing with family matters like marriage, legal separation, adoption, divorce, domestic partnership, child custody, and surrogacy. Our divorce lawyers feel the sensitiveness and seriousness of the case and guide the individual accordingly. Although everyone needs to stay away from legal intervention in their personal zone, but sometimes the situation betrays and as legal advisor and friend we have to come forward to control the damage. Our Family Lawyers UAE team is always there with you during your tough time.

The events like marriage and child adoption are of enjoyment and happiness. And these need legal acceptance to concrete the happiness. We think ourselves pleased whenever any of our reliable advocates and child custody lawyers can help our client to get this happiness through legal procedure according to the Family Law.

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But if there is the gray light of happiness, there may be the shadow of sadness elsewhere. Our sensible family lawyer and advocates can feel the pain of any family damage like divorce. So we take extra care when we deal with such cases. We never talk harshly to any parties and always try to maintain the respect of both the parties. At the time of dealing with such cases, it is always our first choice to solve the case through negotiation, collaboration & mediation with UAE family law. But if still a case goes up to the court bench, our convincing advocates are able to represent our clients all over the UAE. Dealing with the family matters, we always try to keep secrecy to avoid public shame of an individual. Our experienced Divorce Lawyers in Dubai have solved many cases successfully.

Below are the major family issues:
  • Marriage
  • Marriage Separation, Divorce
  • Mental or Physical Abuse of Spouse or Children
  • Child Adoption
  • Child Custody
  • Surrogacy
  • Alimony


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