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The Law that deals with family matters like marriage, domestic partnership, adoption, divorce etc. is called Family Law. It can be said that this law involves every important aspect of a person’s life. Sometimes it becomes so sensitive that the situation demands extra care from legal understandings.

We have experienced Family Lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other emirates of UAE. Our UAE Family Lawyers take extra care while dealing with family matters like marriage, legal separation, adoption, divorce, domestic partnership, child custody, and surrogacy. Our divorce lawyers feel the sensitiveness and seriousness of the case and guide the individual accordingly. Although everyone needs to stay away from legal intervention in their personal zone, but sometimes the situation betrays and as legal advisor and friend we have to come forward to control the damage. Our Family Lawyers UAE team is always there with you during your tough time.

The events like marriage and child adoption are of enjoyment and happiness. And these need legal acceptance to concrete the happiness. We think ourselves pleased whenever any of our reliable advocates and child custody lawyers can help our client to get this happiness through legal procedure according to the Family Law.

But if there is the gray light of happiness, there may be the shadow of sadness elsewhere. Our sensible family lawyer and advocates can feel the pain of any family damage like divorce. So we take extra care when we deal with such cases. We never talk harshly to any parties and always try to maintain the respect of both the parties. At the time of dealing with such cases, it is always our first choice to solve the case through negotiation, collaboration & mediation with UAE family law. But if still a case goes up to the court bench, our convincing advocates are able to represent our clients all over the UAE. Dealing with the family matters, we always try to keep secrecy to avoid public shame of an individual. Our experienced Divorce Lawyers in Dubai have solved many cases successfully.

Legal Consultation

    We pride ourselves on simplifying complex legal situations and provide creative solutions to the legal problems. In our experience of over 20 years, we have experienced almost all kinds of clients and legal issues. Female clients especially face incredibly stressful situations. Things become even more difficult if you are an expat.  We have a team of multi-lingual lawyers, who can speak and understand various languages. We also have a team of female lawyers who can assist our female clients in a more empathetic way.

    Our Family Law Services in UAE

    Under family law, we cover all the below-mentioned services


    Marriage is a legal contract between man and woman, ensuring the legal protection to the couple and their future children. Legal aspects for nationals and expats are different, so it is necessary to have legal assistance if you are planning to get married in the UAE. Our marriage registration lawyer in Dubai and other emirates of the UAE can assist you. We want you to enter one of the most beautiful phases of your life with joy without worrying about legal hurdles.


    We always lean towards amicable solutions for divorce cases, especially when the children are involved. We ensure that we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding the legal right of our clients. You are required to make many decisions during the divorce process — for example, the division of assets, child custody, alimony, etc. You will find more details about each topic in the following sections.
    Divorce law in UAE varies depending on your nationality, and whether you are Non-Muslim or Muslim. As your divorce lawyer in UAE, we help you navigate through the complexities of the divorce process.

    Child Custody

    Well-being of the child is our top-most priority. In UAE child custody and guardianship are treated differently. The custody usually goes to mother and father act as the guardian. However, this arrangement must not affect the well-being of the child. Custody and guardianship are often a matter of stress for expats. Both parties have no knowledge of the child custody laws in the UAE. In situations like this, our family lawyers can help you in smooth custody process.

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    The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, and it follows Islamic Law. The Sharia law prohibits adoption in Islam. Thus, adoption in the UAE is illegal. Emiratis and Muslims are not permitted to adopt a child. However, one can take care of and provide for a child as a foster parent. Here the child does not take your family name, but you allowed to be the legal foster parent of the child.
    Similarly, expats can adopt a child in a foreign country. The adopted child receives all the benefits that a biological child gets. Our child adoptions lawyers in Dubai and other emirates can guide you through a hassle-free adoption process.


    UAE law does not recognize surrogacy. Any type of surrogacy agreement can be treated as a criminal offense. The involved parties can be punished under Federal Law no. 3 of 1987 in Article 356 of the UAE’s Penal Code. However, UAE does recognize the child born in the countries where surrogacy laws are in place. A child born in countries where there are strict laws regarding surrogacy, and it does not involve any monetary transactions between the surrogate mother and the parents are allowed. Our surrogacy lawyers in Dubai can assist you legally in choosing the countries well-suited for your requirements. Moreover, we can help you in preparing all the necessary documents required for the same.

    Domestic Abuse (spouse/children)

    Getting out of an abusive relationship is hard. Most times, we have seen women are scared and reluctant to seek help. Most common reasons for this reluctance are fear for family reputation, accessibility, and language barrier. We offer a unique Paid Consultation service over the phone to all those people who find it difficult to visit our offices. Our family lawyers in UAE can explain you in detail your legal position and course of action. Domestic violence is not age or gender specific. Even if you are a man, you can seek for legal solution for your problem. When domestic violence happens with children, it takes an ugly turn. We take such cases with high moral and ethical responsibility.

    Alimony/Child Support

    There are various financial matters which require your attention while going through a divorce. Couples need to separate their combined assets, determine the appropriate level of alimony and child support. Our family lawyers will help in protecting you and your children’s financial rights. We will guide you through all the essential factors which you need to consider.


    Not all family law cases go to court. We stress that family conflicts must be resolved amicably without getting into a lengthy court battle. However, if required our lawyers can represent you in all the family courts of UAE.

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