Maritime Law

Maritime Law

Maritime Law or Admiralty Law is the branch of the Law that deals with business and navigation that involves ships, shipping, fishing and crime on the sea or other open water.

Maritime UAE is an important part of nation’s trade and transport. It deals with all kinds of shipping matters in the United Arab Emirates. Our Maritime Lawyers and admiralty attornies have expertise in UAE Maritime Law and we can provide you the right and the best solution with prompt action.

Below are the issues that should be claimed under this Law :
  • Registration and Licensing of Fishing Boats
  • Registration and Ownership of Vessels
  • Registration and Finance of Ships
  • Vessel Mortgage
  • Arrest and Seizure of Vessels
  • Cargo and Freight Transportation
  • Carrier Identity
  • Crew
  • Marine Debt
  • Maritime Accidents
  • Maritime Insurance
  • Maritime Claims
  • Maritime Pollutions
  • Goods Carriage Contracts
  • Damaged Goods
  • Lost Goods
  • Bareboat-Chartered Vessels


The principles of this Law are based on The International Maritime Law. It also has a similar characterization like the Maritime Law of other Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council. The UAE Maritime Law is applicable all over the Emirates of UAE.

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There are some local Laws and Ministerial Decrees in addition to the Maritime Code regarding vessel registration, crewing, and restrictions on the activities of the foreign flag holding vessel and classification of port activities according to the port ordinance. These are also applicable in every individual Emirate.

It is absolutely impossible to register a vessel in UAE without 100% ownership of UAE national or a company holding 51% ownership by UAE national. The UAE registration will be cancelled if a vessel is sold & get the entity of another country. The UAE government never allows a foreign owner to get his vessel’s registration in UAE. It is always maintained in UAE that the owner of any vessel company must preserve the citizenship of UAE nationals. Our UAE Maritime Lawyers  and admiralty attornies will not only help you in getting out of the problem, but will also educate you about the laws and your rights.