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In the UAE, registration of marriage falls under family law. Marriage is the only legal bond that permits a man and woman to establish a relationship and have children. All other forms of consensual relationships, such as line-in and same-sex relationships, are considered illegal in the UAE. The contract aims to protect the interest of the couple and their future children.

The UAE’s multi-national diaspora inspired the government to create marriage rules that are in tune with the UAE’s cultural norms and their home country. That is why if you intend to marry in UAE, you must follow multiple rules and possess many documents. Getting married in Dubai (UAE) is a bit tricky, especially when you are an expatriate. You require an experienced individual to guide you through the whole process. If you are an Indian citizen, our team also has Indian marriage lawyers in Dubai to make your job much easier.

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We are an established, trusted, and multi-disciplinary law firm. We have extensive work experience in dealing with various legal issues people face due to a lack of knowledge. We have offices in almost all emirates of the UAE, and our lawyers in Dubai are licensed to represent your case in all the courts, including the Federal Supreme Court.

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    Services offered by our marriage lawyers in Dubai

    Guidance: Our legal experts can guide you regarding the procedures and rules specific to your situation. For instance, the process for non-Muslims differs from Muslims. Similarly, the rule for Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men is different from Muslim men marrying non-Muslim women.

    Documentation: As mentioned getting married in Dubai comes with lots of paperwork. We can help you enjoy your marriage festivities by taking care of mundane tasks like preparing and filing documents for marriage registration.

    Court marriages: Dubai court marriage has its own set of challenges. Before a court marriage takes place in Dubai, a few requirements must be satisfied. Though the process has been simplified to a great extent in recent years, seeking legal advice is always advisable.

    Postnuptial Agreement: Prenuptial agreements are not valid in UAE. However, the couple is allowed to enter into a postnuptial agreement at any time after their marriage. Through this agreement, couples can negotiate and set the terms for financial arrangements during and after divorce. Our marriage lawyers can help you negotiate and draft the agreement.

    Divorce: If your marriage enters troubled waters in unforeseen circumstances, you need the best divorce lawyers. Our expert divorce lawyers can guide you through your solutions and legal obligations. We make sure that we simplify your complex legal problems with innovative solutions.

    Mediation: Not all divorce cases go for litigation. Most cases are solved in lawyers’ offices through mediation. Our marriage and divorce lawyers strive to find an amicable solution for our clients, preventing the situation from turning into a battleground.

    Let us give you some insight into the rules and requirements of getting married in Dubai and other emirates. These factors keep changing based on your residency status and religion. So, it is essential to understand the procedure for the marriage described by UAE law.

    Visa Requirements

    Foreign nationals who visit UAE for destination weddings must obtain tourist visas. Although it could take some time and a few trips to the marriage registration office, our marriage attorneys encourage foreign nationals to schedule their vacations in advance. We also assist foreign citizens in getting the necessary residency permits for registering their marriages in the UAE.

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    The cost involved in getting the marriage registered in the UAE

    The minimum cost to get a marriage registered in the UAE depends on several factors. The most common are your nationality, requirements, and rules of the Emirate where you are planning to get registered. Contact our marriage registration professionals in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khamah and other UAE regions for a detailed cost analysis.

    Documents required for marriage in the UAE

    This is merely a summary of the paperwork needed. The requirements could change depending on your country and unique circumstances. Get in touch with us to better understand your legal requirements and obligations to get married in the UAE or have a court marriage.

    Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you must have the following prerequisites and paperwork to go through with the marriage in Dubai or any other emirate of the UAE:

    • Written approval of the bride. Some consulates may ask for the groom’s declaration as well.
    • Notice for the intended marriage form, duly filled.
    • A sworn affidavit by the prospective couple duly attested by their consulate.
    • Passport size photographs (numbers may vary).
    • In Dubai, at least one of the parties must hold a UAE visa (husband, wife, or wife’s guardian).
    • In other emirates, all the parties must have a residence visa.
    • Pre-marital medical screening certificates for both couples issued by authorized agencies.
    • If any of the couples are on a tourist/visit visa, they need to undergo a complete medical check-up and produce proof of fitness.
    • Copy of the passports if any of the would-be spouses is expatriate.
    • Documents of witnesses.

    Conditions to get married in Dubai

    There are several conditions and rules to getting married in Dubai. It is essential that anybody who wants to be married in the UAE respects and abides by the law. Whether the person is a national or a foreigner, they must consider all the conditions. Following is just a glimpse of the most important requirements:

    • Marriage between two persons of the same gender (homosexuality) is prohibited in the UAE.
    • Legal registrations are a must for all marriages to be considered lawful.
    • Muslims in Dubai must also register the marriage at the court in their respective city.
    • Non-Muslims need to follow the guidelines of their respective embassies and consulates.
    • Online registration of the marriage before going to the marriage court is mandatory.
    • Any party under the age of 18 years requires approval from the chief justice of the Personal Status Court.

    Divorce in UAE

    Handling divorce and marriage dissolutions also fall under the scope of marriage and family lawyers in the UAE. The Sharia laws apply to Muslim couples, and all the decisions are based on them. The requirements in this matter are deeply evaluated, and couples are advised to get in touch with the Moral and Family Guidance Department and file the petitions for divorce. All divorce proceedings begin with typical steps involving trial for peaceful reconciliation. If all the measures fail, then the individuals are granted a divorce. For non-Muslims or expatriates, the rules of their countries are applicable.

    Regardless of your nationality or religion, divorce proceedings are a tedious process. It becomes even more complicated when you need to divide common assets and child custody issues. The right and effective legal advice is the only solution for a successful outcome of such an emotionally exhausting process. Our divorce lawyers in the UAE have handled several cases and mostly aim for amicable resolutions.

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    • We offer comprehensive marriage registration services to both Muslims and Non-Muslims.
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    • Our offices are located all across the UAE. We can be your local marriage lawyers in Dubai and other prominent cities of the UAE.
    • Our team includes staff from several nations and is multi-lingual. You can share and discuss your concerns in your mother tongue.
    • We ensure the utmost quality in all our processes.
    • We have an extremely high success rate with both local and international clients.
    • We have over 24 years of experience dealing with legal and governmental departments in the UAE.

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