Property Law

Property Law

Property Law deals with the ownership & tenancy of someone’s real property. Issues relating Property Law are one of the most significant areas in which our advocates are able to show their expertise. Our expert Real Estate Lawyers are passionate to solve any property related dispute through amicable settlement first. But if it does not get any satisfactory result, our advocates can apply to the court for the judicial declaration.

We are also qualified in dealing with rental issues. Through some legal process, our legal advisers can handle the rental issues along with every kind of legal property dealings. As per the requirement, we can take the systematic legal procedure of giving advice, sending legal notices, or throwing criminal or real estate issued cases to get ultimate success.

Work with our Experienced Real Estate Lawyers
  • Specialized Real Estate Lawyers
  • We deal with all kinds of property cases
  • We fight cases in all emirates of UAE

Legal Consultation

In UAE, we are the best organization of experienced advocates to lead a case to the ultimate passage of truthful success. Our advocates have the authority to represent the client in every court of UAE regarding property law. Our clients include government offices, businessmen, commercial groups and foreign investors who invest and manage their business in UAE. Our real estate expertise combined with Debt Collection Services has helped many of our clients to recover their lost investments.

Our Real Estate services include:

  • Acquisition of Land
  • Rental Issues
  • Tenancy Contract
  • All types of sales related documentations
  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • Legal Notices
  • Legal Opinions about UAE Laws for Real Estate
  • Recovery of Lost Investment


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