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Property Law or Real Estate Law in UAE deals with the ownership and tenancy of someone’s real estate property. We are one of the best real estate law firms in UAE, which comprises experienced property lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, and other emirates of the UAE. We deliver a seamless value proposition in all stages of the asset lifecycle. We offer an assortment of services that deals with residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our competent team of real estate lawyers in Dubai (UAE) possess excellent legal skills and commercial acumen.

We are also qualified to handle rental disputes. We take the systematic legal procedure of giving advice, sending legal notices, or suing the other party for the real estate disputes and ensure ultimate success. Most real estate problems are solved through mediation. However, if things escalate, our real estate litigation lawyers can represent you in any court in UAE.


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    Best Real Estate Lawyers

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    Property Lawyers in UAE

    We are a team of the best real estate lawyers in UAE. We collaborate with other legal departments to ensure that all of our client’s needs and interests are met, including licensing and registration, financing, sale and purchase agreements, contractor relations, development structuring, zoning and strata law compliance, commercial, retail, and industrial leasing, and jointly owned properties. Our clientele majorly includes businesses, small enterprises, government offices, commercial groups, and several foreign investors who invest in real estate in UAE.

    Property Lawyers in Dubai

    Dubai has one of the most investor-friendly atmospheres. One can witness the continued flow of inward foreign investment in real estate in all asset types. The expats and foreigners can buy freehold properties in Dubai, and thousands rent property in the emirate. For any assistance in buying or renting property, you can contact our real estate lawyers in Dubai. You can expect to receive full-service related to property law. Since a large expat population lives or does business in rented premises, rental disputes are also common. Our rental disputes lawyers in Dubai have amicably settled several such cases.

    Property Law UAE

    Property Lawyers in Sharjah

    The legislative development in real estate has made consistent economic growth and the emergence of a mature real estate market in Sharjah. The growth has also given rise to multiple legal services to support real estate transactions and dispute resolution. When it comes to dispute resolution via arbitration or real estate litigation, we are regarded as one of the market leaders. Over the last two decades, our team of real estate lawyers in Sharjah has advised multiple stakeholders in the real estate sector. Our real estate advocates can represent clients in all UAE courts to resolve disputes between investors, developers, contractors, and residential and commercial tenants.

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    Our Real Estate Services

    Each emirate has a separate set of acquisition, lease, and dispute resolution rules. This generates a need for a regional property lawyer who can guide you in the right direction and prevent and resolve real estate disputes.

    Acquisition of Land

    Whether you are planning to get a freehold or leasehold property, our property lawyers can help you with all. We offer our expert legal assistance in helping you understand the agreements, registrations, and other tax-related services.

    Rental Issues

    Rental disputes can occur in both residential and commercials places. We can assist you in filing a complaint in Rent Regulation Department. If you fail to get satisfactory results through the department, we can help you file a lawsuit and defend your case in court.

    Tenancy Contract

    Considering the 80% population in the country, the tenancy contract in UAE is tenant-friendly. If the landlords fail to perform their duties, we can help you take a legal path.

    All types of sales-related documentation

    We have a specialized legal department for drafting and checking all kinds of legal documents. A well-drafted legal document can prevent you from multiple legal troubles and losses.

    Litigation & Arbitration

    Our expert Real Estate Lawyers are passionate about solving any property-related dispute through amicable settlement first, like arbitration. However, when we fail to get any satisfactory result, our advocates can represent you in all the courts of UAE.

    Recovery of Lost Investment

    We provide all the legal remedies to recover lost or stuck real estate investments in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Coupled with our debt recovery services, you can expect to minimize your losses.

    Why choose us for real estate?

    Experienced Team

    We are a team of lawyers coming from distinct backgrounds and handling multiple disciplines of UAE law. We have dealt with a broad spectrum of landowners, construction companies, developers, investors, lenders, HNI, etc. Our most valued asset is our deep knowledge of the local legal framework and over two decades of experience in working with state authorities.

    Client-focused Strategy

    Our knowledge, service delivery, and technical expertise allow us to give all our clients accurate, quick, dependable, and cost-effective legal guidance. We believe only in excellence when it comes to customer service. Each case comes with a new legal challenge, and we provide customized service to each of our clients. We work relentlessly to help our clients to reach their goals and objectives.

    Industry Experience

    Our team of property advocates in UAE has successfully guided and advised clients to purchase, sell, and develop real estate. We have also handled multiple cases of rental disputes. We have provided superior legal counsel for the applicability and implications of foreign direct investment and exchange regulations.


    We offer a transparent fee structure and efficient calculation for all clients. Both our national and international clients can access our cost-effective legal services. The payment process can be customized according to each client and case complexity.

    Our Law Firm in UAE also provides unparalleled services in Accident Claims, Arbitration, Debt Collection, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Maritime Law, Intellectual Property, Traffic Law, and Legal Opinion. For any legal problems related to real estate, you can visit our local offices in SharjahDubai, and RAK, or you can book for online or telephonic consultation.

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