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UAE constitutes a large diaspora of Kerala expats, also called “Gulf Malayali.” The attraction of well-paid jobs, better living standards, and UAE’s charisma motivate hundreds of Keralites to migrate to GCC nations every year. Living in a foreign land can be both exciting and stressful. Especially when dealing with legal matters or getting embroiled in legal disputes. Even with expat-friendly laws in UAE, many expats at times face legal complications.

The legal system in UAE is different from India. The UAE follows the civil law system, whereas common law is followed in India. Moreover, the rules and implementation of the legal cases may also vary to some extent. That is why you must have expert legal counsel available to you at times of need. We have a team of highly talented and experienced Kerala lawyers in Dubai and other offices in the UAE. We have more than 23 years of experience in handling several legal matters of the UAE’s Indian community and Malayali expats. Our client-centric approach and personalized attention to minute details are the reasons why our law firm has gained a trust status among Indians in UAE.

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    Kerala Advocates in Dubai (UAE)

    Best Malayali Lawyers in Dubai

    Our Malayali advocates, lawyers, and legal consultants are highly proficient and well-experienced in the UAE and Indian legal systems. They are also prominent members of NORKA roots, DIAC (Dubai International Arbitration Center), and several other organizations that work for Kerala expats in the UAE. They know the struggles faced by Kerala immigrants in jobs and business. That is why we offer a complete legal solution to such expats. The primary objective of our UAE law firm is to provide legal solutions to all your legal problems through a single window. You can contact us for all kinds of legal affairs. We have expertise in personal injury claims, insurance claims, criminal cases, financial cases, family disputes, commercial disputes, corporate law, and the list goes on. You do not have to worry about legal problems anymore. Just let us handle your legal tension while you concentrate on other important things in life.

    We speak multiple Indian languages

    We have a team of Indian Lawyers in Dubai. Most of our staff speaks multiple languages. If you are looking for Tamil lawyers in Dubai, you can interact with our Tamil-speaking staff and legal consultants. Language can never be a barrier when you are in our office. Our multi-lingual team can speak 7 different languages. We strongly believe the multicultural environment in our offices allows us to bring a different perspective to all our cases. We approach each case and client with an equal level of commitment and dedication. That is how we created a prominent name in the legal fraternity in the UAE. We have several Malayalam-speaking lawyers in different offices of the UAE. While booking an appointment, please mention you wish to talk to an advocate from Kerala. You can also book for phone consultation and online video calls. We connect with several clients worldwide who are facing legal problems in UAE.

    Experience + Expertise + Dedication = Success

    Are you looking for a female lawyer?

    We also have female Malayali lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, and RAK. They have consistently provided successful solutions to several of our clients. In our vast experience, we have noticed several female clients are more comfortable discussing personal matters with a female lawyer or legal consultant. Our female team often handles family law matters such as child support, divorce, domestic abuse, sexual crime cases, etc. However, the expertise of our female advocates is not limited to family law. They are specialized in a range of legal faculties including but not limited to real estate, commercial disputes, civil law, intellectual property, cybercrimes, etc.

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