Marriage for Non Muslims in UAE

The rules and regulations in the UAE are considered some of the most revolutionary and adapting in the Arab world. In November 2021 came the significant shift in UAE’s marriage law, which was earlier based on Islamic Sharia Law. Non-Muslim expats in UAE can get married and registered at the respective embassies or consulates of their home countries. All religious establishments such as Hindu temples, churches, etc., are now assisting in performing marriage rituals and providing marriage certificates, which must be attested at the respective consulates or embassies.

However, the rules may vary according to the regulations in your home country. For instance, the permissible marriage age for a male in India is 21 years old. If a young man less than 21 years of legal age holding an Indian passport plans to get married in UAE, he may not be able to register the marriage with the consulate or the Indian embassy. Accordingly, some countries may require their citizens to file an application prior to the marriage. The application must mention their intention to get married and other details. If both partners belong to different countries, they must file separate applications in their respective embassy or consulate offices in the UAE.

Rules for getting married in the UAE for Non-Muslims

There are some general rules for couples planning to get married in the UAE. Such as:

  • The bride and groom must be at least 18 years of legal age.
  • There must be two witnesses present at the ceremony.
  • The marriage formalities can be done at the embassy or consulate of either their home country or at (licensed) religious institutions such as temples or churches.

Documents required

  • Copies of couple’s passports.
  • Couple’s birth certificate as proof of age.
  • Witness’s valid ID.
  • If applicable, proof of death of the previous spouse or the divorce certificate.
  • Pre-marital medical screening certificates for bride and groom (issued by authorized agencies only).
  • In Dubai, at least one of the parties must hold a residence Visa. In Abu Dhabi, both spouses do not have to have resident visas. Even the tourists can get married in the emirate now.

The above rules are applicable when both people intend to get married non-Muslims. Things vary if one of them is Muslim.

  • When the groom is Muslim, and the bride is non-Muslim, the marriage process is the same.
  • When the bride is Muslim, and the groom is non-Muslim, then the groom must convert to Islam.

How much does it cost to get married in UAE?

The cost of marriage registration can vary anywhere from AED 200 to AED 400. The cost includes only the registration cost. There can be some additional charges as well.

Can tourists get married in the UAE?

Apart from Abu Dhabi, at least one of the spouses must possess a resident visa to get their marriage registered. In Abu Dhabi, tourists can get civil marriage certificates in the emirate. The New marriage scheme was announced in 2022. The secular law allows expats, tourists, and non-residents to get married in Abu Dhabi. The service is currently available exclusively in Abu Dhabi. The courts have already started receiving the application of people who want to get married.

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A lot of changes can occur in marriage law for non-Muslims depending on which emirate you choose to get married to in the UAE. All the couples who wish to get married in UAE can contact us. Our legal experts can guide you in the best possible way. Our seasoned marriage lawyers in Dubai know all about the latest legal updates, existing rules and regulations, and the court process.

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