New UAE Laws and Legal Reforms

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the UAE, has provided a former approval to historic legal reforms. These extensive reforms are going to be a landmark in the 50 years history of the UAE.

Important changes will confer greater protection to the citizens in matters related to copyright rules, personal data, and also tackling fake news.

A total inclusion of 40 laws will surely turn around the fate of the citizens in the coming years. Some of these laws came into place for the first time while other laws are part of the existing legislation that is updated.

Protection for women has been a major cause of concern in the country along with saving the rights of domestic workers. The federal Crime and Punishment Law in UAE has been updated to effectively decriminalize relationships that are consensual and happen outside marriage. The law ensures that if a child is conceived from such a relationship will be acknowledged and proper care should be taken. This will be effective from 2nd January next year beginning a new chapter in the country’s legal reforms.

Electronic fraud and fake news are on the rise and it is a modern menace that must be tackled deftly. UAE has gone ahead to protect personal data and has passed legislation that covers this issue.

A rigorous move is made by 540 experts who joined forces with private sector organizations. The experts belong to 50 local and federal authorities and are tied up with 100 corporate organizations. They worked hard for few months to put things in perspective to usher in landmark legal reforms in the country.

Crime and punishment

The updating of the crime and punishment law will usher in a new beginning in UAE. The ratification of the new legislation will be effective from 2nd January 2022. The law will guarantee safety and security to women and domestic workers and confer them more protection. The law will also ease matters related to the extramarital relationship as the historic reforms are soon to be implemented.

Consumption of alcohol is also prohibited in a public place and criminal penalties are laid out for all kinds of offenses leading to public disorder. Rapists will be sentenced to life imprisonment and capital punishment will be provided if the victim is a minor, disabled, and not in a state to offer resistance.

Copyright and neighboring rights

The creative sector holds paramount importance and the Copyright and neighboring rights law will offer more protection with special benefits to these people. This will enhance their participation and covers important matters like the neighboring rights and author’s rights. This will also provide the author the right to take a stand against any alteration and distortion made in their work.

Higher education

Institutions of higher education are licensed through this law in UAE. The legislative framework will offer effective governance and approve the curriculum to best manage these institutions. The law will make sure that scientific research is encouraged and improve competitiveness and quality. Free zones are exempted from this law.


Amendments have been laid out to protect the trademarks. These are three-dimensional trademarks that include holograms, smell, and sound trademarks that represent a brand. Geographical names can also be used in trademarks for the promotion of the product in the UAE. Temporary protection is offered to small and medium-sized companies that allow for the protection of their trademarks during exhibitions.

Online Security

UAE has come up with legal frameworks to provide comprehensive solutions to address online crimes and harassment issues. The online security law will be effective from 2nd January 2022. It will improve community protection and keep a tab on online crimes and the dissemination of fake news. The advancement of online technology has resulted in the misuse of digital platforms and networks. This will guarantee the safety of databases and websites of the public sector and will combat electronic fraud. This law will protect the privacy rights of every person in the UAE.

Data Protection

An integrated framework will constitute the Personal Data Protection Law of UAE. It will protect privacy and will make sure the information is kept confidential through the management of optimal data and the right governance. Moreover, the rights and duties of all parties will be clearly defined according to the law.

Transfer of receivables from civil accounts

Factoring and assignment of all receivables is an important issue. For the first time, UAE has come up with this federal regulation. The law is a new landmark and will confer a regulatory framework that will start a new chapter for factoring and transfer of receivables and their requirements. The law will also ensure perfection and validity.

UAE Data Office

This law will ensure full-proof protection for all kinds of personal data. The cabinet will affiliate an office that will carry out a wide range of tasks that will come up with a proposal, preparation, and also legislations of policies concerning data protection. It will also monitor the standards of federal legislation application through proposals and approving them. The law will also hold the same for complaints and grievances. The law will issue necessary instructions and guidelines for introducing the legislation of data protection.

Industrial Property Rights

This law will regulate procedures for industrial registration and protect industrial property rights. The law is meant for industrial designs, patents, non-disclosure agreements, integrated circuits, and other utility certificates. This law also includes free zones all across UAE.

Commercial Companies

Entrepreneurs and investors can fully establish and can have ownership of onshore companies in every sector with this law. But there are some strategic activities’ that exist in small numbers that have been reserved.

This new law for commercial companies will boost FDI and will reaffirm the position of UAE as a major business hub in this region and all across the globe.

Commercial register

Local authorities are allowed to manage the commercial records in each emirate by amending the commercial register law. This will establish their rights and implement data monitoring, registration, and change.

Electronic transaction and trust service

This law has been amended to confer the same weight to digital signatures as that of handwritten ones. It is an important breakthrough in the legal reforms of the country whereby witnesses are not required to seal transactions. The civil process is simplified with this law and deals with every commercial and marital transaction.

Final Words

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