Online Legal Consultation

The world is facing uncertain times now due to the Corona pandemic. In order to combat the corona crisis, the UAE government is taking all the necessary steps to protect the country and people residing in it. The ‘Stay at Home’ advisories have shown positive effects on our journey to recover from this health crisis.

Nobody knows how long the social distancing norms will last. The government has clearly indicated the restriction is going to remain in some places for a long time to come. There is also no guarantee of how aggressive the second wave of infection will be. Thus, the government is getting equipped to make all the necessary services available online. Over 140 federal government services are available completely online now. Even the UAE courts have gone online.

We have noticed an increased requirement for legal services by both businesses and individuals during this period. The increase could be because all the world economies are currently going through a recovery period and have impacted all big and small business owners. Keeping this in mind, we at Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants are also exploring our options of providing easy access to excellent Online Legal Consultation.

Thankfully, the technology these days have made it possible for our team to work remotely and still get connected to each other and our client. Our current online legal consultation is just an extension of our already existing service Legal Consultation Over the Phone. It is one of the most convenient, affordable, and quickest ways to receive sound legal advice amidst trouble time. The process of booking calls and appointments is easy and there are numerous ways to reach us.

All our services can be availed online now. You can either go to our website or download our mobile app which is available on both iPhone and Android platforms. You can get answers to all your legal questions from the comfort of your home while ensuring your safety. Once you book for a call, our customer service executive will get in touch with you and commit time for consultation.

What all you can do via our online legal services
  • Legal advice over the phone
  • Legal advice through WhatsApp
  • Hire a lawyer online to consult, advice and represent
 How the process of online consultation works with us

The process here is simple; the individual who is seeking legal advice can opt for any of the above-mentioned ways. Depending on your specific requirements, a specialized lawyer gets assigned to you, who is best fitted to handle your case.

Your first consultation with lawyers will be more like an interview where they try to understand your legal position and extend their legal opinion, also lay the best possible solutions in front of you. You will also get an insight into the expected cost you might incur during this whole process.

The prime motive here is to provide an excellent legal consultation, where you leave the call with a thorough understanding of your case. We insist that our clients feel both educated and empowered about their legal options. All this is available at a nominal fee for the first consultation over the phone.

Avoid the trap of free legal advice through online chats and calls. The scope of such services is very limited, and intension is purely business development. Through our paid consultation we ensure that our lawyers invest dedicated time and effort to your case.

 What are the benefits of our Online Legal Consultation?
  • A best possible solution to get quick and efficient legal advice during the lockdown.
  • Get access to one of the prominent lawyers with years of experience in hand.
  • Understand your legal position, possible outcome and future cost.
  • Talk in your own language: We are a multilingual law firm where most of our lawyers speak more than 1 language (Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Iranian, Malayalam, and more).
  • Get access to female lawyers if you are a female and prefer to discuss it with a lady lawyer online.
  • Individualized business guidance to work through the current crises.
  • Create, review and file legal documentation

As we mentioned earlier, you may find several options online offering legal advice and documentation service at a fairly low price. While the lower prices are enticing, there is no surety of the quality of service that you could expect from such sites. Thus, it is our best advice to always go for reputed law firms or lawyers. While booking for appointment use the link available on their website or mobile app. Avoid all other links because it is very difficult to track and find anything about these sites as they are just a portal that may not even have a physical presence in UAE.

Way forward during the pandemic

In the coming days, we are going to explore other options to make our legal services accessible to all the people residing in the UAE and the Middle East. Currently, we offer a wide range of services online which includes.

  • Criminal Cases
  • Family Disputes
  • Civil Cases
  • Bankruptcy Cases
  • Emergency Accident Claim and Personal Injury Cases
  • Business and Commercial Law Cases
  • Immigration Cases
  • Real Estate Cases
  • Debt Collection Services
  • Employment and Labour Contract related cases

We cover all the necessary legal services through our online legal service initiative. We hope to solve your legal puzzle with the help of our expert and experienced team of lawyers and legal consultants.

We have learned a lot about the legal, economical, and regional framework of UAE in the past 21 years. Our lawyers are licensed to perform all types of legal operations in the UAE, including legal representation in courts and arbitration centres.

Book a lawyer online and get your first consultation by following some easy steps.

Disclaimer: This is to inform you that Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants is our registered trademark name, and is our only official website. If someone contacts you with our name (Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants), please confirm the genuinity through Phone Call, Email, WhatsApp or by visiting our Office. You can email us at, WhatsApp to +971 54 562 7999 or visit for complete contact details. If you go ahead without due diligence, we won’t be responsible for your monetary loss. We also take strict actions against fraudsters who misguide people using our brand name.