Paid Legal Consultation

Consult with our Expert Lawyers Over the Phone or Video Call

Benefits of Paid Legal Consultation

  • You don’t have to visit our office. It will save your time and money.
  • Get the expert’s opinion sitting in your home or office.
  • Understand what you should do before filing a case.
  • Know the best possible outcome of your case.
  • Solve your legal puzzles from the comfort of your home.
  • All the above benefits for just AED 500.

Why do we offer Paid Consultation?

Our Lawyers and Advocates in UAE are bound by the strict rules of code of conduct. When someone opts for legal consultation with our Lawyers, he or she must understand that our lawyers had spent a lot of time, effort and money to gain knowledge and expertise. Which helps them to give their clients valuable information and advice. So, when you are looking for quality you must understand it doesn’t come cheap. It also helps us to eliminate anyone who is looking for advice just because it’s Free.

Legal Consultation

    Following are the reasons why we offer paid consultation:

    • The scope of Free Consultation is extremely limited.
    • Free consultations are mostly not consultations, they are merely an introductory meeting with the Lawyer, where they just inform you whether they are going to take your case or not.
    • A paid consultation ensures that our lawyers put in time and effort to understand your case and explain to you the possible outcomes of the case.
    • It is not a sales promotional activity for us to rope in more clients. At no point, any individual would feel like they are in a pressurized sales session.
    • A free consultation can also be the indicator of a law firm having fewer clients, lack of experience or maybe some other red flags which may require to be checked.
    • Our attorneys are ready to commit to the serious time required for the consultation.
    • Finally, it seems fair that any attorney who invests time and effort in formulating a tailored legal plan for the client must get compensated.

    How much will it cost?

    It will cost you just AED 500 and you can ask any legal question over the phone. 

    In life’s ups and downs, you might face numerous challenges, achievements, milestones, and even some setbacks. It could be any life event like property related matters, business setup, family issues, divorce, or maybe dealing with an accident. In situations like this, it is imperative to seek expert legal advice. It is true that legal advice from an experienced advocate or lawyer will cost you, but it also helps in saving time and energy.

    Our Paid Legal Consultation Service

    Get complete legal assistance without visiting our office

    Now get answers to all your questions from a lawyer who is specialized in your legal issue. We offer the first consultation to individuals on legal matters at a nominal fee of AED 500.

    The process here is simple, the induvial who wants to seek a legal opinion can now book a telephonic appointment with an experienced lawyer specialized in the respective field.

    Ours is a multicultural and multilingual law firm. We have attorneys and legal consultants belonging to different nations and can understand more than 2 languages.

    Our aim here is whenever one completes his/her paid initial consultation with us must have a thorough understanding of their case and must feel educated and empowered about their options. And if they intend to go with our law firm we can move ahead to our next step.

    Clients Trust

    The things that you can expect from this paid legal consultation

    • Understand your legal rights in your situation
    • Knowing the best possible outcome
    • Understanding the do’s and don’ts
    • The Expected cost of the whole process

    Book the remote legal consultation today and get premium legal assistance from the comfort of your home/office.

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