Yes. It is a crime in UAE. Though the nature of the crime of having a bounced Cheque depends on some facts & circumstances. If a Cheque is written with bad intention, knowing the fact that there is not enough money to clear the Cheque in a certain period, the Cheque giver will come under the law, and may have imprisonment or fine.
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If a person has a ban on visa means he /she is not entitled to live and work in UAE for a particular time or permanently. Ban may be imposed either immigration or labour. If a person has an immigration ban then he /she is not entitled to enter into UAE or obtain residency. But now the Ministry of Labour has introduced important changes to the UAE labour regulations through a decree issued on 27th September 2015 thereby a six-month labour ban on employees will be waived if the work permit and employment are terminated by mutual agreement. If a person has completed three years of employment with the same employer, no labour ban may be imposed in case employee resign from employment by tendering resignation as per the law permits issuing sufficient notice to the other party.

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