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Dubai RERA Rent Calculator

Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is a government agency and division of the Dubai Land Resource Department. RERA is a central agency that regulates and authorizes the real estate market of Dubai. The agency aims to protect the rights of buyers, sellers, and tenants. It is mandatory for all real estate developers and brokers to register with RERA. Thanks to the stringent laws of RERA, the incidents of property frauds have reduced significantly. Moreover, it has helped in making the system more transparent and efficient.

The RERA’s online portal for Dubai is a beneficial and informative website. The website provides a useful platform for buyers and sellers to interact with each other. Apart from this, the information is updated regularly. One can check the current year’s index through the RERA Dubai calculator.

You can also access Rental Calculator in Dubai REST Application, and it is available for both Android and iOS.

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Open your mobile camera.

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Point your camera to the QR code provided on the link below. This opens the App.


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Download the App from the open screen.

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Check the rental index from the home screen or services menu.

How does the rent calculator work?

Rental Calculator

Rental Calculator

Decrease in Rent Increase Rate
10% and less No increase
11% – 20% 5%
21% – 30% 10%
31% – 40% 15%
41% and more 20%

Before renting a place in Dubai, it is advisable to always calculate the rent through RERA rental calculator. Dubai Land Department provides multiple services to buyers, sellers, and tenants.  RERA provides tips and regulations that aim to protect all the parties.

Buyer’s Protection:

Whether you are looking to buy a land or ready apartment, RERA provides all the essential tips and requirements by law. The laws aim to protect both buyer’s and seller’s interest and maintain transparency in the transaction. The whole process requires certain documents to be notarized and effectuated. For further details, you can contact our expert real estate lawyers and book an online consultation.

The revised 2002 property law states that even foreigners can buy, sell, and rent properties without any special permissions.

Tenant’s Protection:

RERA has clearly defined contractual parameters that ensure the smooth functioning of Dubai’s rental real estate market.

Article 4 of Law (33) of 2008: It states that all tenancy contracts or any changes to such tenure agreements must be registered with RERA through Ejari. This provides confidence to the tenants that the property is genuine and not leased twice.

Article 6 of Law (26) of 2007: It states that if both tenant and landlord have no objection to tenant continuing to stay in the same property, then the tenancy contract gets automatically renewed for the same period.

Article 27: It states that the contractual relationship continues even after the demise of any or both parties. However, the legal heirs have the right to terminate the contract, but they need to provide notification for 30 days.

Article 28: It states that the transfer of ownership of the property does not affect the rights of tenants in any way.

Rights and Rules of Tenants:

Rights Rules
  • Landlord must provide the property in a good and suitable condition.
  • Tenant must register the contract with


  • Landlord is responsible for all major


  • Tenant must pay all the taxes and fees paid to the government departments unless both parties agree otherwise.
  • Contract in Dubai cannot be terminated during its term.
  • Tenant must pay rent on time. Landlord can evict the tenants if they fail to pay rent within 30 days.
  • Rent increase must be calculated based on RERA’s Rent Increase Calculator.
  • Tenant must provide 90 days of notice to make any amends in

the terms.

  • Tenant has the right to occupy property even if its ownership is transferred.
  • Tenants must take absolute care of the property and must return the property in the same condition.

Mortgage Calculator in Dubai:

RERA provides mortgage consultancy through personal and corporate brokers. These consultants provide advice and assist borrowers in getting the best borrowing conditions from the lenders and commercial banks. These services are against commission without exercising direct lending to borrowers.

RERA does not provide any Mortgage Calculator on its site. However, mortgage consultants and an experienced property lawyer in Dubai can help you with exact mortgage calculations.

If you wish to calculate your own mortgage, you can utilize loan-to-value ratios. In 2013 Central Bank of UAE issued the rules and regulations to calculate mortgage lending to financial institutes and banks. The LTV ratios set by the Central Bank ensures the uniform rules across the sector.

However, UAE nationals enjoy an exception to LTVs in case of loans provided to UAE nationals under Government Housing Programmes.

UAE Nationals Non-UAE Nationals
First Property Property valued at AED 5 million or less has


Property valued at AED 5 million or less has


Property valued more than AED 5 million or less has


Property valued more than AED 5 million or less has


Second, the third property Property at any price


Property at any price


Off Plan Property at any price


Property at any price


According to the regulations, all mortgage providers must have a board-approved list of independent valuers for property valuations. The valuers the mortgage provider hires for each case are required to be suitably qualified and must be a third party. The valuer must be independent of sellers, developers, borrowers, and the loan decision process.

The regulations require mortgage providers to emplace appropriate processes and procedures. Mortgage providers are also required to collect and evaluate all the information that determines a borrower’s ability to repay the loan. Along with this, loan providers must develop a standard Debt Burden Ratio (DBR) calculation template. The DBR must disregard all promotional or introductory interest rates offered by the lenders.

The maximum financing amount allowed for UAE nationals is eight times their annual income, and for expats/foreigners, it is seven times their annual income.

Bottom line:

The Dubai government always strives to find newer ways to refine procedures and makes it easy. The ratios mentioned above may change in the future. That is why it is always advisable to keep yourself updated and knowledgeable about your rights and responsibilities. Our expert real estate lawyers can guide you in the right direction.

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