Don’t only Beware, but also be Aware of Safety


Safety is to be protected from danger, risk or injury. Being safe is a way of life. It should not be earned or learned. It should be practiced. Legal awareness is a public education regarding the law; here we are to ignite you with the knowledge of legal protections as well as legal penalties towards the DO’s and DONT’s of public health, safety, and environment.

Why is the safety?

It is for the family that depends on you.

It is for the company that employs you.

It is for Yourself.

Safety needs to be there in every walk of life.

Be it personal, e.g. Domestic Fire.

Be it professional, e.g. Construction.

Be it societal, e.g. Environmental Hazards.

UAE is a nation where the authorities have given special attention to the safety of the society. The different Emirates have implemented different ministerial/ local orders, rules, and legislations in order to meet the safety of the people.

The legislations relating to Safety are mainly

  • UAE Labour Law
  • Administrative Resolutions, Ministerial Orders, Local Orders of Municipalities of different Emirates.

The country enables its ward to be more protective in every walk of life namely. The UAE Labor Law is more precise in Chapter Five i.e. Art 91-101- WORKER SAFETY, PROTECTION, HEALTH, AND CARE. It directs the employers to provide safety measures, all protective devices, all better environment to the employees while the employees are duty bound to follow the directions of the employer, to take due care, to follow all safety instructions and rules. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Municipalities and Ministry of Health have right to do inspections. Any Company or worker found to violate the rules or laws of the country shall be warned/punished accordingly.

When you gamble with the safety you bet your life. Safety is the cheapest and the most effective insurance policy.

So, don’t only Beware, but also be Aware.

Written by:
Adv. Kanmani Karanchery

Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants

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