Virtual Private Network: The Spider is Safe or Unsafe on the Internet?

 “The safety of the people shall be the highest law”- Marcus Cicero

To keep the word and make it practical-assuredly, the Arab world has decided to keep an observing eye on those who peep into the privacy of others using a mask; thereby intruding themselves into cyber crimes. In a modern world where social networking and other new generation gadgets and apps are dominating people, who shall bell the cat: where should the restriction line be drawn: Or where to post a ‘NO’.

Yes, the answer must be derived.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It extends its service through the Internet/ Intranet which provides the users access to any and every website by hiding their identity or IP Address (Internet Protocol Address). By registering, you are getting entry to a wide range where you can share data and can enter any blocked websites and can even avenue international banned video/audio calling.

THE FEDERAL LAW NO 5 OF 2012 in the United Arab Emirates is a prominent law in this modern society which is based on combating cyber crimes. It has 51 articles, soundly speaks for tying up the border line in cyber-crimes in order to safeguard the security ethics of the land. It has again made amendments in the month of July 2016 to tighten up the provision as of the latest on Article 9 in the UAE VPN Law with regard to increase in punishment.

Old Fine: From AED 150, 000 to AED 500, 000.

New Fine: From AED 500, 000 to AED 2,000,000.

The Government had made amendments to the fine part only, together with the existing temporary imprisonment. These Articles and amendments are regulations only. It doesn’t mean that VPN is banned in the country.

Further to its clarification done by Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), it is vivid that anybody can access VPN within the limitations involved. Any individual or institutions misusing the service shall be legally accountable and shall be punishable by the law.

The Authorities vigorously visualized the economic criteria as well, regarding the company securities and the Intranet services which can be accessed by VPN shall not be regulated unless and until is proved to be misused. The banks, other financial institutions, and individuals also need a protection wire of VPN while undergoing financial transactions. Even public Wi-Fi hotspot is a room for hackers and VPN secures it.

Thus in a nutshell usage of VPN – the spider is safe until you are using it for any illegal or restricted activity within the purview of the laws of the land. Safety is like a lock but you are the key.

Don’t ‘BEWARE’ but ‘BE AWARE’……….!!!

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Written By: Adv. Kanmani K.S.

Inputs: Gulf News, TRA and other news rooms.

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