Working in UAE on visit visa

People from other countries intending to work in the UAE must be aware that they will not be able to do so while on a tourist or visitor visa. To work and live lawfully in the UAE, they require a valid residency visa/work permit. Employment and residence permits must be obtained by the employer.

An individual may enter the UAE on a visitor’s visa to undergo a job interview or obtain jobs, but he/she must then return to the home country while the sponsoring employer arranges proper work visas. For a work and residency permit to be granted, a definite job offer must be provided.

It is a criminal offense to work in the UAE without a valid visa and can result in fines, detention, or deportation. Anyone who works on a visit visa is just as guilty as any company that employs someone on a visit visa in the UAE.

Dubai work visa

A work visa is an authorization that enables foreign citizens to work in a specific country for a specified time period. If you want to work or do business in the UAE, you may apply for a 60-day work permit, which will allow you to enter the UAE and start working right away. During this period, you must obtain a work and residency visa, usually for another two or three years, via your UAE employer. The relevant rules may vary depending on the person’s citizenship.

A resident visa and a labour pass/card are the types of visas and documents needed for someone who wishes to work in Dubai. You must first undertake a medical test, after which you will be given a residency visa and then a labour pass. A labour pass is an identification card that must be held at all times as labour officials may conduct spot checks.

The law in the UAE

According to UAE immigration and residency law, a foreigner or a migrant who possesses a visit visa cannot serve anywhere in the country with or without compensation or on his own. Under this law, anyone who is not a United Arab Emirates citizen is considered a foreigner.

If the visa is granted to work for a person or an institution, the holder cannot serve for another person or institution without that individual’s or institution’s written permission and the authorization of the Directorate of Nationality and Immigration.

Besides that, a fine of 50,000 dirhams per individual has been ordered in the circumstance that the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE) notices any enterprise employing a person on a visit visa. If the offense is committed again, the fine is doubled.

Expatriate workers who break the law will be expelled and barred from entering the UAE for the rest of their lives. A six-month jail sentence will be imposed in the case of UAE citizens. Despite this, a quick search of the internet reveals a plethora of job postings that explicitly request applicants with visit visas.

However, the purposes for these advertisements may differ. If the position is ‘extremely urgent,’ organizations may request a visit visa, and some may even choose to put an individual on a probation period before issuing a company visa. Though, this is rarely the case when an entity is concerned. If a worker files a lawsuit against the employer, the employer may face retaliation. Similarly, an employee can face legal consequences if he or she works illegally. As a whole, visitors and residents are encouraged to pursue jobs by legitimate means.

MOHRE Approval

Workers who are not UAE citizens can only work in the UAE after receiving MOHRE approval and obtaining a work permit in compliance with MOHRE procedures. Work permits are only issued if the following requirements are met:

  1. The individual has the professional expertise and educational credentials required by the State.
  2. The individual has legally entered the country and abides by the requirements set out in the State’s current residence regulations.

Obtain a work visa to get employee rights

If you don’t have a work permit, you aren’t technically an employee. In such a case, if you have a complaint, you cannot go to the department of labour to file a complaint because you are officially unemployed. If you are not paid for the days you served or were on training, it would be hard for you to report the issue to the authorities. That is why it is essential that you get your visa papers in order first.

If the organization is not processing your work permit, you may inquire about its status. Keep in mind that whoever grants your current visa is in charge of your stay. Moreover, if you extend your stay, your sponsor will be held liable for the charges and will be penalized.

Points to keep in mind when starting a job in the UAE

Ministry authorization – The employer must send the signed employment contract for authorization to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Contract letter – Employers are required to send you an offer letter outlining the job’s terms and conditions. You must sign and accept this document.

Attestation of certificates – If you have a degree from a country other than the UAE, you must have it accredited by the UAE consulate or embassy in your country, as well as your home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Passport – The right to keep your passport is one of the most precious privileges.

Residency visa/Work permit – Your employer must obtain residency and work permits for you.

Medical test – Your diagnostic tests will be performed in UAE health centers that are approved by the UAE government. You’ll be screened for contagious diseases and disorders.

Summing up

The law in the United Arab Emirates is quite transparent: no one can work unless they have a residence visa and a work permit. Even those starting their own company need a visa. Anyone found working unlawfully while on a visit visa may be fined and deported. Employing anyone on a visit visa will result in hefty fines for the business too.

Often, tourists enter the UAE as visitors, but they might be offered a job by a potential employer. Although having a job is an exciting prospect, they must first ensure that they have a valid residency work visa before reporting to duty.

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