UAE Labour Law

UAE Labour Law

UAE LABOUR LAW- ANNUAL LEAVE : Take a Break,Take a Slumber..!

“Gulf is God for those who hard work”

Of course, work hard and achieve your enchanting dreams: yet, don’t you need a break and relaxing time. Work is enjoyment, satisfaction and earning. Still, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure his employee is productively working and it is the duty of the employee to oversee that he is working as per the rules of the land. Keep an eye on the working hours.

As much as he works for the company he is entitled to annual leave as well.

The United Arab Emirates has specifically described the rights, duties, responsibilities and liabilities of both employer and employee in the “Labor Law”.

With much of amendments, the UAE Labor Law is one among the crystal clear laws of the land.

Part IV – Chapter 1 (Art 65-73) & Chapter 2 (Art 74-90) elaborately speaks about Hours of Work and Leave.

For every employee he is entitled to annual leave as follows:

  • 2 days leave for every month if service is 6-12 months.
  • 30 days leave for more than one year.
  • Any worker is entitled to pilgrimage tour of not more than 30 days without pay in his entire employment period.
  • The employer can split the leave into not more than two times.
  • If the contract mentions, sick leave shall be reckoned as annual leave.
  • It’s unlawful in any circumstance to employ a worker during his annual leave more than once in two successive years.
  • Terminated/resigned employee is entitled to annual leave.
  • A worker working on public holidays shall be entitled to compensatory leave and 50 % of his remuneration.
  • If he is not compensated with another leave the employer shall be liable to pay him 150% of his salary.
  • No sick leave in the probation period.
  • The employer cannot terminate an employee when he is on annual leave.


The employee shall be entitled to sick leave of 90 days once he completed three continues month of service, like-

  • Full pay for 15 day’s sick leave.
  • Half pay for 15-30 day’s sick leave.
  • No pay for more than thirty days.
  • No pay for illness due to misconduct.
  • The employer may terminate if he is unable to resume himself after the illness.
  • Maternity leave is 45 days with full pay, if she already completed 1 year of service with the same employer. If not she shall be entitled to half pay only.


Normal hours of work are 8 hours a day or 48 hours a week. Exceptions are there for hotel etc. employees with the confirmation of Ministry of Labor.

Any hour exceeding the normal hours shall treat as over time which shall not exceed two hours and be paid normal hour salary plus 25 % of the remuneration. Overtime between 9 pm & 4 am shall be paid 50 % of the remuneration.

Friday works shall be paid 50 % of remuneration; however, he shall not be employed for more than two successive Fridays.

All these provisions have its own exceptions according to the rules and confirmation of the MOL depending upon the nature of the job.

“Workplace Rights are Human Rights”- Eleanor Roosevelt.

Do hold your rights and do protect others’ rights also.

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Written by Adv.Kanmani K S

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