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As a Local Law Firm in UAE, we completely understand the region’s customs, social and legal environments. With over 15 years of experience and a dedicated legal team of criminal cases, our Criminal Lawyers in Dubai, UAE can give their valuable advice for an accused client and take necessary legal action. We are passionate to bring the truth to the light of justice. The matters of Federal crimes & criminal activities are handled perfectly by our experienced Criminal Lawyers in UAE & legal advisers. From the step of the police investigation, up to the final judicial declaration, we can proceed successfully in every step of prosecution. Our skilled and experienced team of Criminal Lawyers in Dubai ( UAE) can urge for the negotiation of bail, plead for related criminal law issues, or send the draft for memos.

Our criminal lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah and other emirates of the UAE are the best one to deal with all sections of criminal law and to fight all kinds of criminal cases irrespective of our client’s nationality. We always remain up to date with the changes in the criminal code, and conduct regular training for all our team members regarding the same.

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    What is Crime?

    Lets first understand what is defined as a crime in UAE. UAE penal code is not entirely based on Islamic sharia. Though it does derive several elements of Islamic law. Crime is basically an unlawful act performed by an individual, group or organization which is punishable by the authority.

    Criminal Lawyers in Dubai (UAE)

    We have the best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, RAK

    Financial Crime

    Financial Crimes deal with unlawful misuse or fraud of money, property or financial instruments. These are often committed by criminal for their personal financial gains. However, there is also the flip side of the coin where people get involved in financial crimes either due to lack of knowledge or duped by the third party. Our experts can defend all kinds of financial crimes with equal expertise and vigour. Financial Crimes occurs in different forms and are one of the highest filed cases in UAE Courts. Few of the types are:

    • Cheque Bounce
    • Loan Fraud
    • Credit Card Fraud
    • Money Laundering

    Drug Crimes

    Drug-related laws are extremely strict in UAE. According to the Dubai Department of Correction, there are many individuals who had only a trace amount of drugs on them. Still, they have been imprisoned for more than 4 years due to lack of good representation in courts. There are many prescribed and OTC drugs which are legal in many countries might be classified as an illegal substance in UAE. As professional Criminal Lawyers in UAE, we offer our representation to individuals all around UAE in Drug-Related Crimes like:

    • Drug Possession
    • Personal Consumption
    • Drug Trafficking
    • Drug Transporting
    Criminal Law

    Sexual Crimes

    Sexual assault and crimes cover a wide variety of unwanted sexual behaviours. All types invite a great deal of punishment throughout UAE. Moreover, in UAE consensual sex is also considered a crime, even when you are adults. The sexual crime can bring severe penalties and punishments like the prison, the death penalty, hefty fines, deportation if you are an expat, etc. Moreover, the social stigma attached to it. Even in prison, the sexual offenders are looked down upon by officials and inmates. Also, Homosexuality is illegal in UAE. Considering the sternness of the punishments one will definitely need an experienced criminal attorney in UAE for defending such sexual crimes.

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    Juvenile Crimes

    Under UAE law, a juvenile is someone who is in between the age of 7 to 18 years. Individuals at this age are basically just children and are prone to make mistakes. However, sometimes these mistakes can invite painful consequences. According to official data released by social services, the number of juvenile cases has increased by 15% between 2016 to 2017. Most of the crimes are of a minor nature and easily defensible, all you need is an experienced and qualified attorney who has a good understanding of such cases. We at Bin Eid Law Firm strongly believe that minors deserve a second chance and we always attempt towards complete dismissal of such cases.

    Criminal Laws

    Violent Crimes

    UAE Government is aiming for putting UAE at the forefront for becoming a country with lowest recorded violent crimes rate by 2021. So, it becomes inevitable that if you or your loved ones are involved in Violent Crime in UAE then they are represented by best in the business. Our team of professional legal experts will analyse and investigate your case thoroughly and prepare our defence strategies accordingly. We have a team of top criminal lawyers in Dubai who have handled cases with great tenacity and have been able to get winning solutions. The various types of crimes which are classified as violent crimes in UAE are:
    Manslaughter (intentional/unintentional/vehicular)

    Theft Crimes

    Theft crimes involve taking the property of another individual or an organization through unauthorized means. In simpler terms, it is “stealing”. There are many different types of theft crimes but if they are armed or involve harm of any violent nature they could be considered violent crimes.
    Identity Theft

    Cyber Crimes

    UAE cyber law is one of the most comprehensive cybercrime laws in the world which covers a wide range of offenses. Depending on the seriousness of your crime the punishment could range from fine to imprisonment. Most of the cyber-crimes occur in UAE are hacking, banking frauds, credit card frauds, sharing objectionable content over the internet, stealing data or identity etc. Even clicking pictures without permission is covered under cybercrime law in UAE. Our team of criminal defence lawyers is always updated about technological advancements and recent amendments in Cyber Crime law.

    Alcohol Crimes

    First things first if you are a Muslim then all kinds of alcohols are prohibited for you. For Non-Muslim expats, you need to make sure that you have the proper license or permit to consume alcohol. However, drinking in public places or streets is still a criminal offense. Most of the people who get arrested for alcohol crime are for bootlegging and personal alcohol consumption. Our Criminal defence lawyers in UAE have handled many cases related to alcohol-related crimes and have been able to receive favourable verdict for the clients.

    • Other Crimes:
    • Harassment
    • Insult Crimes
    • Domestic Violence

    To come to a satisfactory end, our advocates proceed step by step with the case. It starts within stance court, then in appeal court and finally in Supreme Court if required. Our Sharjah Law Firm can provide you the best possible solution of your legal issues. Visit our Sharjah Office or Dubai Office for Consultation.

    Criminal Law Issues include Drug Cases, Alcohol Offence, Defamation Crime, Theft, Harassment, Sexual Crime, Robbery, Juvenile Crime, Cyber Crime, Domestic Violence, Forgery, Loan Fraud, Money Laundering, and similar cases.

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