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Intellectual property rights refer to the rights over someone’s creation. We can protect your creation with the law.

We can protect your creation with the law. We are a reputed Law Firm in the UAE. Our qualified professionals deal with all matters of Intellectual Property in the UAE. We are a UAE-based multi-disciplinary law firm with offices in Sharjah, Dubai, and RAK. Our specialized IP lawyers in the UAE have expertise in intellectual property law, litigation, patent agent, copyright and trademark agent services.

Our firm assists businesses in realizing their full potential by effectively acquiring, managing, using, and enforcing intellectual property rights. We can assist you in safeguarding the intellectual property of your valuable business and financial assets. When your IP rights are violated, we can assist you in identifying the infringer, obtaining monetary compensation and litigating in court. In addition, we also help you defend and counter the claims if you are accused of infringing. We deal with below Intellectual Property related services:

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    We have a long tradition of providing effective legal counsel to all our clients. Our experts help our clients successfully navigate the most complex legal matters with ease. The key categories of IP services provided by our firm are listed below:

    Trademark: Our attorneys specialize in the protection of various types of trademarks or service marks, including logos, names, composite marks, slogans, shapes, captions, monograms, and punch lines. We also advise on the selection and adoption of new trademarks; file and prosecute trademark applications; advise on the use and registration of trademarks; and handle trademark oppositions, revocations, invalidations, and assignments.

    Copyrights: Writers, artists, designers, dramatists, musicians, architects, sound recordists, cinematograph films, and computer software can protect all their efforts with the help of our capable copyright lawyers in the UAE. We offer services to our clients to advise on the filing and prosecution of copyright applications, advise on the use and registration of copyright, and deal with copyright oppositions, revocations, and invalidations.

    Patents and Designs: You can prevent anyone from copying your patented work without your permission if you get a patent on your design or innovation. You can also sue for damages if your inventions are used illegally. Patent protection is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. We can assist you in negotiating legal arrangements for the sale or licensing of your issued or pending patent. In the UAE patent infringement and patent impeachment litigation, we also represent plaintiffs and defendants as their patent litigators.

    Infringement: We assist you in preventing your competitors from infringing on your intellectual property rights and defending yourself against infringement claims. Infringement occurs when content protected by intellectual property laws is used without permission. Copyright violations are common when artistic works, music, or literary works are used without the creator’s permission. However, other types of intellectual property legislation, such as trademarks and patents, can be involved in the infringement. The infringement of domain names has become a prevalent legal issue in recent years. An attorney can assist you in obtaining an injunction to prohibit further infringement of your copyright and negotiating a settlement with the infringing party.

    Litigations related to Intellectual Property: If you need to file a civil lawsuit, an attorney can assist you in gathering the evidence you need to support your case and represent your interests in court if necessary. Our knowledgeable team of Intellectual Property Lawyers and Patent Attorneys has a proven track record of achieving favorable results for our clients in all IP matters. We also had success in IP issues involving a variety of international corporations. Our IP lawyers provide legal advice to both small and large businesses.

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    Our experienced team of Intellectual Property Lawyers and Patent Attorneys has a satisfactory record of providing accurate outcomes to clients regarding all cases of IP. We have experienced success in IP cases of various international companies as well. Our Intellectual Property Consultants also provide legal opinions for local and multinational corporations.

    We adopt a strategic approach as your litigation counsel, backed by our extensive experience advising hundreds of our clients. We use our vast expertise to counsel in many intellectual property disputes to advocate our client’s interests in a well-informed and reasoned manner.

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