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Our law firm is a full-service law firm in Dubai. We are committed to delivering the best. Our leadership and senior lawyers have vast experience in UAE law and regional legal infrastructure. Our sole focus is our clients and providing them exceptional legal services in Dubai. We pride ourselves on providing personalized and professional services to all our clients. Being a multi-disciplinary law firm, we can assist you in any legal matter.

Our expertise includes personal injury and accident claim cases, civil law, family law, debt collection, litigation, criminal cases, real estate disputes, business law, and any legal issues that you can face in UAE. The list of our services is exhaustive. We offer legal assistance in everything, from a small traffic violation case to complex merger and acquisition processes. All your legal needs can be taken care of under one roof.

Our client-centric approach sets us apart from other local law firms in Dubai. Our lawyers and legal consultants in Dubai understand that clients require legal advice and strategy changes as the case progresses. We provide one-on-one service, and before we take your case, we understand your needs and take it from there. We stay updated about the latest laws and legal environment of the UAE. We offer full-service that includes documentation, filing, negotiation, and litigation. Our superior legal talent can provide you with legal solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. Because of our advocates’ dedication and trusted work, we are one of the leading Dubai law firms. You should have no trouble choosing the best law firm in Dubai.

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    Why are we the best law firm in Dubai?

    1. We have a long and remarkable presence in Dubai’s legal fraternity.
    2. Excellent legal representation in courts built on decades of courtroom experience.
    3. Exceptionally high success rate and millions of dirhams worth of claim settlements for our clients.
    4. Dedicated department for drafting commercial and civil contracts and all the documents required for legal purposes.
    5. Debt collection services to keep your business out of distress.
    6. Provide services to a wide range of clients—government departments, private business owners, big corporate houses, high net worth individuals, hospitals, educational institutes, international clients, and the list goes on.
    7. Multilingual staff, where most members can speak more than 2 languages.
    8. The staff and lawyers undergo regular training to stay updated with ever-evolving UAE law.
    9. As a local Dubai law firm, we have a deep understanding of the region’s customs, social, and legal environments.
    10. Hundreds of happy and satisfied clients.

    Dubai Law Firm

    One-stop solutions for all your legal needs

    Personal Injury and Accident Claims

    We have the best personal injury and accident claim lawyers in Dubai. Our results speak for themselves. We have helped our clients receive over AED 7 million as compensation claims. Personal injury law regulates several other injury claims apart from accident cases, such as medical negligence, work injuries, wrongful death, etc. No matter at what stage of disability the victim is, we can get the best compensation he/she deserves. If you have lost your loved one in an accident, you can trust us to get a respectable compensation amount and do not let you fall into the tactics of an insurance negotiator. We fight for justice and do not charge until you receive the compensation cheque. We offer immediate legal support during your tough time. With experienced personal injury lawyers, we have helped hundreds of our clients with serious injuries to secure a better future. We provide no-obligation consultation.

    Civil Law

    Our expert civil law services in Dubai and other parts of the UAE offer legal solutions in a comprehensive range of civil law matters. Civil law regulates the everyday matters of individuals, businesses, and other organizations. Some of the civil cases we handle are arbitration, commercial disputes, power of attorneypersonal status law, contractual disputes, etc. It is also imperative that the lawyers who handle your case have excellent inter-mediation and negotiation skills. A civil lawyer needs to be an experienced negotiator and litigator to handle complex civil suit matters in the conference room and courtroom. When you need our help with civil litigation, we can represent you in all courts of UAE, including DIFC. Depending on the value of your claim, the courts have minors and major circuits, and our civil lawyers in Dubai can represent you at both.

    Dubai Lawyer

    Family Law

    When it comes to family law, it becomes necessary we handle matters with care and discretion. We have an excellent team of experienced family lawyers in Dubai and other emirates of the UAE. Our Dubai family lawyers take special care with legal matters related to family issues like marriage, adoption, divorce, child custody, will registration and disputes, domestic violence, and surrogacy. We have specialized lawyers to guide you in marriage registration in Dubai for Muslims and non-Muslims. We have seen female clients face a lot of physical and emotional turmoil during such cases. Moreover, things become more difficult when you are an expat. We have talented female lawyers in Dubai office for female clients who may find it difficult to discuss personal matters with a male advocate. You can also opt for phone or online video consultation. We fully understand the sensitiveness and seriousness of the family cases and our clients’ emotional journey. We take pride in managing some of the most complex legal situations related to family dispute cases.

    Experience + Expertise + Dedication = Success

    Debt Collection

    We have professional, skilled, specially trained financial consultants for Debt Collection Services in Dubai. Unrecovered debts are one of the potential reasons behind the failure of several businesses. Do not let that happen to your business, and hire us to manage your unrecovered debts. We offer personalized debt settlement services, dedicated lawyers, and a whole debt recovery department in Dubai. We craft a structured framework for your debt collection and build a secured, debt-free future for your business. For the healthy finance of a company, you need to minimize debts. No matter how high your sales are, it doesn’t make much difference unless the payments come on time. Let us help in achieving your debt collection goals. All businesses, big or small, need a well-established and experienced debt settlement agency as a partner.

    Criminal Law

    We strongly believe every criminal case is defensible with the right lawyer by your side. We are a team of seasoned criminal defense lawyers in Dubai supported by a team of investigators, researchers, and paralegal staff. We handle all kinds of criminal cases like murder, manslaughter, drug possessionalcohol crimes, insult crimes, theft crimes, sex crimes, juvenile crimes, and any other activity that comes under crime according to the criminal laws of UAE. The UAE criminal law is a federal law derived from several provisions of Islamic Sharia. Our local criminal defense lawyers in Dubai defend your case and always aim for winning solutions. We have resolved the most complex criminal matters successfully. Irrespective of your nationality, you can be 100 % sure you can get justice with us.

    Corporate Law

    Whether you are a small commercial establishment or a giant corporate, we have just the right corporate lawyers in Dubai for you. Nothing is impossible for our large team of business lawyers. We provide legal guidance from a small agreement dispute to assisting mergers and acquisitions. Essentially our corporate legal services include contract disputes, claim settlements, restructuring solutions, labour disputes, regulatory advice, planning and compliance, formation of a local company, sponsorship, setting up a business in Dubai, and everything that falls in the purview of corporate law. We can represent you in all courts of the UAE, including DIFC and arbitration centers. You can hire us for one-time dispute settlement or as your legal arm to manage all types of commercial law affairs. As your legal partner, we can prevent you from entering expensive commercial disputes. Our solutions are based on forward-thinking research, collaboration, and past experience.

    Maritime Law

    Dubai is one of the busiest ports globally with a huge capacity. Every year hundreds of vessels and thousands of containers pass through the port. Many new vessels and boats are purchased, leased, and sold each year. Maritime law or Admiralty law covers all legal issues related to shipping and the sea. We handle all legal matters related to maritime law. It is a complex law as and you need to have the best team of maritime lawyers in Dubai who have in-depth knowledge and are exceptionally qualified. Your lawyer must be updated about the recent enactment of administrative prerequisites issued for this industry. The maritime law in UAE applies to all local and international companies using UAE sea limits. We offer legal assistance in cases such as ship finance, statutory duties at the port, vessel registration, warranty, insurance claims, maritime accidents, seizing by authorities, and all legal issues related to this.

    Real Estate Law

    Whether you are leasing or buying a small apartment or negotiating the purchase or sale of a high-end commercial property, it is essential you have trusted real estate lawyers in Dubai to have a look at your contract. And if you are facing a legal complication related to property law due to the lack of proper legal guidance, you can still hire us. We handle everything from rental disputes to large-scale litigation for big construction companies. We have over two decades of experience advising in real estate transactions. With a large expat population and complicated property law in UAE, you must have experienced lawyers on your side. We always focus on protecting our clients’ interests. When purchasing, selling or leasing commercial property, you need to consider multiple factors, such as title searches, zoning by-laws, loans, insurances, environmental concerns, etc. We manage these considerations while you focus on your business. We have specialized lawyers for rental disputes in Dubai. You can also contact us for any advice related to reviewing and drafting lease documents and negotiating the most favorable terms.

    Bankruptcy Law

    Commercial bankruptcy law in UAE aims to protect the business and economic environment in UAE. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Dubai assist financially troubled companies in filing for bankruptcy. The amendments of 2021 in bankruptcy law allow commercial establishments to restructure their organization and protect the interest of all stakeholders. We have helped several businesses in the filing process, protecting them from criminal actions, and debt collection. We also assist in the restructuring process. Bankruptcy, insolvency, and liquidation are different stages, and we assist our clients in all of them. Debtors in UAE can apply to the court to initiate the process of insolvency to protect them against criminal charges. We can guide you to make informed decisions by accurately accessing the choices in front of you. The process is long and may feel cumbersome. Make sure you have the right legal aid by your side during the whole process.

    Experience + Expertise + Dedication = Success

    We Speak Your Language

    We cater to the multicultural diaspora of Dubai. Indians form the most significant chunk of this vibrant city. We have a team of Indian lawyers in Dubai. For people looking explicitly for Kerala or Malayali lawyers in Dubai, your search ends here. Our diverse and multi-national team of lawyers and support staff are fluent in the following languages.

    English | Arabic | Urdu | Hindi |Malayalam | Farsi

    Best Lawyers in Dubai

    We have the best lawyers in Dubai. We work as a team. Our collaborative approach sets us apart and allows us to bring a different perspective to a case. Our senior advocates are legally certified to represent you in all courts of UAE, including the Federal Supreme court. From checking a travel ban in UAE to high-profile homicide cases, we manage everything with the same dedication. Our criminal appeal lawyers make sure we turn the judgment in your favour and give you a second chance. We bring an equal level of intensity, effort, resources to all our cases. Our real achievement in all these years is the trust that our clients show in us.

    You can visit our Dubai office for an initial consultation. If you have issues with travelling, you can always book an appointment for a telephonic or video consultation.

    Dubai Law Firm

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