What should you do after an accident in the UAE?

By mid-2018 there were more than 1250 traffic accidents reported in the UAE. Most of them occurred due to sudden swerving, by not keeping a safe distance, and misjudgment by drivers. According to statistics revealed by Dubai Traffic Police, accidents claimed 76 people’s lives in 2018.

Luckily most of the accidents don’t always end in causalities and are minor. We pray that you and your loved ones to be always safe. However, you must know the legal requirements if you meet with an accident. There are different levels of accidents. With this blog, we are considering accidents where there are no severe injuries. And if in case you witness a severe injury then immediately you must dial 998 for an ambulance.

Here we will discuss various scenarios in which an accident may occur and your legal responsibility.

Collision with another vehicle

Step 1. Secure the Area:

  • Whether you hit, or you have hit by someone you must always stop in the safest place immediately. Avoid obstructing the traffic.
  • When it is safe to turn out of the car, turn your car’s hazardous light on.
  • If you are fit, check if someone else has injured and requires medical attention. In case of emergency call the ambulance immediately.
  • If the other driver flees the area, try to take down their license plate numbers and share with police.

Step 2.  Alert Authorities:

  • Call 999 and inform that you have met with an accident and you require the police.
  • Ensure you have necessary documents like Driving License, car registration card, Emirati ID or passport.
  • If possible, take a few pictures of the damaged car (avoid taking people’s photo).

Step 3. When Police Arrives

  • Under any circumstances do not engage in an argument or fight with another party. You must try to maintain calm as far as possible; this is also beneficial when it comes to later legal formalities.
  • Let the Police do their job avoid interfering in the procedures.
  • The Police will issue copies of the report.
  • Follow all the instructions given by the Police.

Step 4: After you Receive Your Police Report

  • Call your insurance company or car hire company if you have rented the car.
  • If the vehicle has not sustained any significant damage, you can drive away from the location. In case of significant damages like broken lights or glasses, the insurers will send a recovery truck to take the vehicle.

Collision with other objects:

In case you have hit a stationary object like a parking pillar, or a wall, then you must dial 999 and inform about the situation to the operated. Police will provide you the report, receive it.

You will not be able to get the damages repaired in the absence of the police report.

Someone hits your parked car:

If the person who had hit your vehicle do not report to the police, then you have feeble chances of claiming damages. However, if you see any CCTV cameras in the vicinity, there are chances the accident might be caught in the camera. Report the police so you can obtain the report and the police will then issue the due penalties to the offending culprit (if identified).

Never Flee:

In any circumstances never flee from the location. Driving away from the scene of a collision is illegal.

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