Jaywalking Fines

Jaywalking Fines
Optimism can kill a pathetic Jaywalker

Jaywalking Fines in Dubai

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the Emirates. To cope up with its pace, the government is providing the best possible amenities to all its folks especially in the stream of “Roads and Transport”. The RTA pays full attention to its services in these emirates. The Traffic laws of emirates have been giving strict instructions and warnings to pedestrians as well. There is a sufficient number of pedestrian crossings/ crosswalk in the city. However, the number of jaywalkers is increasing day by day. The studies show that 49 humans lost their life last year because of jaywalking. As everyone knows, the vehicle pace in UAE shall not easily be judged by pedestrians. The decision of the spur of the moment to crosswalk is grabbing you, your future and your dreams.

The Government is keen on the health and concern of its people which enable them to proceed with awareness programs, campaigns, and warnings about jaywalks. The most important thing is to know the Jaywalking fines in Dubai, which may control you when you further cross the road.

Fine for jaywalking: AED 200

Fine for drivers who neglect pedestrians’ crossing: AED 500 and 6 black points.

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Written by : Adv. Kanmani Karanchery

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