Tenancy Contract UAE

Tenancy Contract UAE
Registering your rental contract in UAE is a legal requirement.

The need of tenancy contract to be attested in the Emirates.

Being an expatriate, having a residence visa is not enough for you to hold a legal halt in UAE. You should keep a valid tenancy contract as well. Besides the valid legislations in the land, there are expatriates, who still not maintain a proper stay in the premises.

There was an age in which, people who were provided with residence visa were living in ‘sharing accommodations’. While a permanent rule on Tenancy Law has changed the country’s system. It forcefully generates shelter or provides it to families. For the residence visa to be granted, the sponsor should submit a valid tenancy contract to the visa authority. Only after getting it confirmed, they will issue the residence visa. The government is thereby ensuring the protected stay of the expatriates through this legislation.

Both tenant and landlord have responsibilities in a tenancy contract. The terms are, the agreement should be in writing with proper address and rent value and should be attested by the authority. It is mandatory to mention the rent period. After the period the parties may renew or revoke the contract. The tenant also has the duty to maintain the property in good condition.

However, there are still people who illegally stay in flats and villas without the properly attested tenancy contract. And there are many who separate their rooms and sublease (which is illegal) the property for the financial benefit. Such people are merely looking forward to their existence of ‘the day’. However, any mishaps may utterly change their life story. A man is responsible when he gets married; it multiples according to the number of children.  Meanwhile, the Government has taken up a few obligations on their head namely Tenancy Law. Thereby it is compulsory to take up the house before sponsoring the wife and children.  The Government thereby means to give hand on safety to the family. The rules are such an appreciable one in total benefits of the expatriates, also to families.

How good people are in obeying or following the rules? The people are not at all bothered about the laws or the rules of the society until they personally get affected. The more rules or the more alerts have brought out, the more careless people shall be. For example on the laws of tenancy, there are still people who do not know the rules of the land. There are still cheaters who are mockingly attesting the contracts and cheating people, there are still expatriates living inside the rooms or villa rooms with white paper agreements, which has no any value before the eyes of the law. Also, there is no possibility to add two or more names in a tenancy contract.

Definitely, there must be some financial profits to those who do this but never ever a person be legally profited out of it.

It is high time that people should understand the need of the land and hence do attestation on the tenancy. It is the high time people should get to know the open windows of help to the tenants provided by the municipalities. There are authorities always to help you when you undergo a hardship in Tenancy matter.

“Stay Legal, Stay Safe”

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Written by:

Adv. Kanmani Karanchery


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